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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Belated Furry Friends

Let me start by saying, thank you so much for all the kind thoughts and words.  It has meant more than you all can possibly know. Gbear has his first therapy appointments scheduled and I'm excited to get the ball rolling and see how we can help him live an amazing life.

Having said that, I've been crazy busy this past week. I worked EVERY day, but now I get to enjoy a little vacation.  

What better way to start a vacation than participating in Me and My SoldierMan's Furry Friday linkup {albeit a couple days late} Her pups are stinkin adorable and I always love their many expressions.  I myself have a wonderful, patient, goofy fur pup, who makes life better. As Gbear has been growing, I have really loved to see the relationship developing between them. From a very early age, Gbear has been enamored with the Bear pup and now they love to adventure around the yard together. Nothing quite like a boy and his dog ;-)

Do you have furry babies? Join in on the fun!! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today marks 2 years since the day my wonderful HB asked me to marry him. That’s right, it’s our Engage-a-versary!! I don’t think I’ve ever shared the whole story behind our engagement, so, in honor of today, without further ado, I bring to you: Our Engagement Tale.

From very early on in our relationship, we knew that HB was going to be deployed. I’m pretty sure he told me on one of our first dates. Neither of us was looking to get into a long term relationship. We just enjoyed each others company and decided to see where life took us. Well, it didn’t take us very long to realize that no matter how many times we tried to tell ourselves that we didn’t want to get serious, we were. Finally, around Christmas, we began to acknowledge that, at the very least, we would try to make it work. Then came our Mini-Vacay in March and getting Bear in April. By then it was clear, HB was stuck with me ;-)

We threw around the marriage word a few times, but I had many reservations. We hadn’t known each other that long and I had this odd notion that you should know someone at least a year before getting that serious. I’ve learned you can’t really put a schedule on love! I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to get engaged before HB deployed, because I was afraid that he was basing this decision on the impending deployment. I didn’t want to rush into things simply because the military was giving a us a deadline. Also, my family wasn’t super supportive of us at the time {but that’s a story for another day} However, we still discussed it and I realized in my heart that if he asked, I would say yes. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart!

What I didn’t know was that HB was already plotting. He took two of my best friends to every jewelry store in the area in search of the perfect ring. My friend explained that he looked lost in the first store, but by the time they made it to the last, he marched in there and told the saleslady exactly what he was looking for, like a jewelry pro. He continued plotting with my friends to make the moment he popped the question extra special, going as far as staging a practice run one day while I was at work.

Before the practice Run
So, back to the actual day. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and as usual we took our sweet Bear cub for a walk. He was so little wee then! At the time I lived in a house with a few of my good friends right across the street from the university I graduated from, so we would take the pup for walks around the campus. We walked to the quad where we often times would let Bear off the leash to romp a little. Back then Bear still needed lots of training so we would use the big green space and spread out to call Bear to come back and forth between us. We stopped and picked a spot. I started walking away and turned around to call Bear after I was a sufficient distance away. I could see HB rustling behind a tree with Bear and all I could think was, what a goof!

Finally, I called Bear to me and he came galloping his awkward, adorable puppy run. After a little ways, he started to veer and bite his back. Now, Bear has a history of tail chasing, so this behavior didn’t seem odd, but HB came running towards him corralling him to come my way. As they got closer I exclaimed, “What did you put on Bears back?” as the realization of what Bear was biting at sunk in. A box, just the right size for a ring!

Soon they caught up to me, HB grabbed the ring box, got down on one knee and proposed. He was so disappointed, because apparently the practice run had gone perfectly, but in the end I always feel like this proposal was so much more us. Adorable, with a little bump along the way, but still works out in the end J
When we got home my friends were waiting with cake, champagne and an adorable sign congratulating us.

Walking back - My friends were our paparazzi
Whew. I got a little carried away, kudos if you read that all. So there you have it. Our Engagement Story!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

I was just reading through some blogs while Gbear naps and I wait for the weed spray to dry and I saw on Victoria's blog that she was participating in Tail Wagging Tuesday. I know I just did a post about Bear Cub the other day, but I couldn't help but join in on this fun! So head over to Live What You Love if you want to join in and post your favorite picture of your 4 legged friend!!

It's super tough to pick just one favorite, but here goes trying ;)

Bear one of the very first days we had him... he was so little wee!!! I also love that you can see the white patch on his snout. We call it his mischief patch, but it's not as noticeable these days since he got bigger.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bear, The Mighty Watchdog?

Apparently my dog doesn't care for Jehovah's Witnesses. Let me rewind a little.

Whenever the weather is nice, I have been forced to keep watch for the red van that drives down my street, parks a few doors down, and they come a knocking. I made the epic mistake of being friendly with them once and as they walked away I saw them write down something in their little notebook. Pretty sure it was something like, "Didn't slam door in my face. Must make her see the Truth"

I have a hard time being firm with people that come to my door. Even salespeople. I hate it, because it destroys my routine {and often times they manage to knock right when I get little man down for a nap}, but I have such a hard time not being friendly. This used to get me into trouble in college when I would go out on the town with the girls. I would get clingers and I always had to have my friends save me, because I couldn't be mean. {typical people pleaser} 

Anyways, back to the Jehovah's Witnesses. The first time they came to my door, I explained that I was Catholic and happy in my religion. They offered me a pamphlet on the Bible, which I politely accepted and were on their way. Nice. Quick.

Not so much the next time. Not only did they remember my name {creepy} but they wanted to know if they could come in and discuss what I had read in the pamphlet. I explained to them that honestly I'd only had a chance to glance it over.  I mean you can't lie to a Jehovah's Witness, I'm sure there's something in the Bible about that. They said they would come back another time. That was my moment when I should have said, no thanks. Clearly, I didn't.

Once more they returned, but this time I was actually putting little man down for a nap and I explained that I did not have time. After this encounter, I became paranoid. If the sun came out, I'd be walking through the house doing chores, playing with little man, glancing out the window for their van. That is until the other day. Bear barked to be let out and he romped around in the sunshine. All of the sudden, my jovial Bear Cub sounds more like Cujo. Since this is so uncharacteristic of my loving lab mix, I went to the window to see what was amiss. Poor Jehovah's Witness lady had the love of Jesus scared right out of her. It seems she had approached the gate to open it when Bear came dashing from the back yard, quite unexpected, and started barking up the storm.
You can bet Bear got a nice treat when he got back inside ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Bear Cub

I have a few more thoughtful posts brewing in my brain, but for now,

Happy 2nd Birthday Bear!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve Puppy Party

We had a nice quiet New Year's Eve. We got some champagne to celebrate the New Year and had the pleasure of puppy sitting Piper (so that her mommy and daddy could enjoy themselves without rushing home to let her out) It made my night watching the doggies interact and in the morning Gbear was beside himself with excitement to have another puppy in the house.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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