Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Irish Blessing

Ok, so I didn't have time to get around to my awesome Irish post of the day that I previously promised {crap, I may be building this up too much} but I couldn't go without anything. The first time I saw this it moved me to tears. *Warning: It's kind of religious, but in the spirit of Lent I hope you don't mind. It's pretty scenery even if you ignore the message.


Shelly said...

Thank you for posting this. I really needed to see that today, and it means so very much right now.

Lou said...

Dude that video had a awesome message i may have to steal it. I love it. I will admit when the music fist started playing i thought it was the titanic bad:)

Jennifer said...

I love the music and the message. My grandpa, who is from Ireland, says a blessing that is very similar to this one all the time.

KD Photography said...

love this! thanks for sharing :)

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I love this...OF COURSE!! Haaaa haa. We visited Ireland a few years back and this blessing is posted EVERYWHERE! The Irish are so good about reminding you of the every day blessings life offers.

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