Thursday, April 17, 2014

Becoming Mama

I’ve read a lot of gorgeously written, somewhat mushy posts about when women truly felt like mom. This post is not one of those. I by no means intend any disrespect to those ladies {I’ve written a few sappy ones myself} but plain and simple, sometimes I’m a little crass.  I do not spout out Hallmark worthy sentiments on a regular basis. 

Having said that be prepared that there may be some overshare moments. These are some all too real, not so lovely moments that made me completely unabashedly realize that I am a mom. Kind of like the you know you’re a Redneck moment. Here’s yer sign.

The first time I peed my pants when I sneezed. Or when I ran. Or Zumba-d. Or basically just existed.

Getting all dressed up to go out without the kidlet, only to realize halfway through the night that I have an epic snot stain across my black dress/skirt/sweater.

Catching Gbear’s puke in my hands {without hesitation} while shopping at Wal-Mart.

Calmly cleaning up the nursery after a tiny Poocasso has created his newest masterpiece and still somehow finding pride in him taking off his own diaper.

Booger patrol. Somehow this is always mom’s job, even if we are out shopping with nary a tissue in sight.

Not to leave out those without human kids, my fur child has supplied me with a few moments too.

I knew I truly cared for another being more than I thought possible realize when I was willing to approach a puppy who has mischievously eaten a plastic bag, which then got stuck on the way out. {don’t worry I wore gloves to pull it out}

Mommyhood means taking my dog in the car to the puppy park because he loves it- even if that means I will spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up puppy puke because he gets carsick every time.

And whether you are a mom to fur children or human children or both, one of parenthood’s most constant reminders is that smell that becomes a specter, following you everywhere you go. The dreaded poo smell. 
Have any of you had these not so postcard worthy moments? The ones where you just shake your head and say. Yup. That’s love. 


Kenya said...

I love your honesty in this post!

JG said...

:) I've done more for those dogs than I ever thought I would for any living creature. I'm sure a baby will be exactly the same experience.

Jen said...

I absolutely love this post! :)

Alejandra said...

So thankful that I've never had a true Poopcasso moment. It gets on her hands, but luckily never anything else.
Peeing in pants.... I'll never be the same after this pregnancy. LOL

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