Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday and Some Randomness

First off, I wanna wish a Happy Birthday to The United States Marine Corps

 Now, as I was Googling USMC to find a lovely little graphic, this was my first option:

Really?! I mean REALLY?

Anyway, yesterday was an emotional day. I was surprised by how easily I found myself crying (I've never been a crier) but it felt good to grieve the loss of such a wonderful person. Last year, I found out she had passed as I was driving to get my haircut, to welcome hubby home for R&R. 

I had a hard time balancing my emotions then, because I wanted to grieve, but I also only had two weeks in a year with HB and I didn't want to spend those two weeks mourning a loss. So, yesterday I finally felt like I could release some of the sadness without the conflicting emotions of sheer and utter excitement of seeing HB for the first time in months.

Today looks like it is going to be a nice fall day, sunny with a crispness to the air, so I have a feeling Lil Gbear, Bear Cub and I will take a trip to the puppy park. And HB keeps talking about gingerbread cookies, so I think I'll make some for the long weekend... and get some eggnog while I'm out.

Let the holiday spirit begin!!!!!


Unknown said...

That picture is RIDICULOUS!

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