Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holy Crazy Dreams Batman

Perhaps it’s the extra bit of sleep, or perhaps my brain is finally melting, but I have been having some crazy dreams recently. During the week, little man has been letting me sleep for a whole 30 minutes after HB goes to work. My body must realize it needs to take advantage, because I swear I hit REM the moment I hit the pillow. And then this morning, HB was super sweet and got up with Lil Gbear so that I could get a little extra shut eye. Wanna know the result?
It’s hard to remember everything, but let me give you the Cliff Notes version.
Dream 1: HB was still in Afghan land and for some reason my mother, my two grandmothers (who have both passed away) and I decided we would fly to the desert for a little vacay. Great Idea right? Long story short, we end up getting into major trouble and having to be rescued. Only the rescue goes wrong and we all die… only to discover I’m living in a video game. GAME OVER. But hey, I get another try. This time, pregnant me is flying to the desert with a bunch of families from HB’s work. We even had some of his coworkers there to protect us.  Long story short, GAME OVER.

Dream 2: HB and I are on vacation in London. Only, London also happens to have sunny beaches, where HB is a professional surfer. One night, all hell breaks loose and HB and I have to outrun the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and gigantic characters from famous paintings, like Edvard Munch’s the Scream.
Stay Puft Man
Who would want this chasing them?!   

Dream 3: I have the magical ability to act as a human sonogram. But not just a normal one, the crazy 3-d (or is it 4-d??) ones. All I have to do is touch someone’s stomach. So of course,  I use my power to see HB’s friend’s wifes baby. Let’s just say, the baby had some PROMINENT features… oh, crap, I mean his chin!
This picture is so odd, but closest I think I'll find to my dream haha
Portable Sonogram courtesy of Yanko Design

So now I’m just wondering what crazy dreams tonight will have in store for me.…


Anonymous said...

Wow...crazy! But interesting.

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