Friday, November 12, 2010

How May I Help You My Ass

Before I begin this little rant, let me preface it by saying, I myself have worked in service capacities, both as a Visitor’s Services Representative and in a retail position. So I understand that sometimes people are rude and ignorant. I feel like having held this positions has led me to be extra careful to be polite and respectful when I’m dealing with people (well, frankly, my parents taught it to me first, but my job experience cemented it)
Having said that, it seems these days, customer service people are just plain BITCHY. Why is that? Why do they feel the need to be condescending and argumentative.
Let me explain a little further.
Our cable company, lets just call them Schomshast, sent us a notice that we had not paid our bill. I immediately logged onto the account to verify the validity and to double check that we were still enrolled for automatic bill pay.  As I suspected, we were still designated for automatic pay, however upon examining our bank statement, no listing. So I made a one time online payment. *at no point did I change the automatic bill pay settings.
I decided to call the company to make sure this wouldn’t happen again, to make sure that the info was correct on their end. The woman was on the defensive from the very beginning. I explained what had happened and inquired if she believed that this would happen again. She gave me a lecture about how I need to be more responsible with my money and proactive with my payment. She then proceeded to explain that I must have changed the automatic bill pay, because it was showing that I had just signed up today. After a few more minutes of  rudeness, I thanked her and hung up. What gives her the audacity to treat me in such a manner? Since when is it ok to be rude to people, especially when you work in CUSTOMER SERVICE.  A day later, said company deemed it necessary to automatically remove 2 more months worth of payment from our account. That’s right, we paid 3 times in one month, because of automatic bill pay. Needless to say I was more than grumpus.

I decided to take her advice and become more proactive. No more automatic bill pay. And after I price the other companies in the area, bye bye Schomshast. I’ve had enough of you.

*I shall also note, this is not the first less than satisfactory exchange with this company. This is just the final straw.


Unknown said...

wow that is crazy.. did they give you your money back since you paid 3 times?
I hope so.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a bia! I think that's a common theme with cable companies. When I was getting cable here they had my last name spelled wrong and would not accept an automatic payment from my account because the names didn't match. So I called them to get my name spelled correctly, and they tried to charge me to set up a new account. I was so livid!

Nike Athena said...

We had the nicest drive-thru person at Taco Bell yesterday (don't judge - it was one of those days). For 15 minutes my husband and I commented to each other how she was the nicest person EVER. Then we wondered what that meant to the state of customer service that this episode was so worthy of notice.

We've had similar run-ins with Schomshast. I refuse to use automatic bill pay cause it has screwed us more than once.

Steph said...

Schomshast sucks! I had a problem with them a couple months ago. We got a collection notice in the mail. Neither of us have had them for over 3 years. I was not a happy camper. I wanted to get it taken care of and ended up getting a lecture over a $200 receiver that gypso lost.

hmb said...

I think all cable companies suck. I actually think they have an annual challenge on who can suck the most.

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