Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Steph over at Watching Airplanes to do this little survey. Basically, I just have to list four of different things about me.
  • Four shows you watch. (I admit we watch far too much, but here are a four haha)
    • Top Chef
    • Chase
    • Real Housewives (any of them although, NJ and OC are my fave)
    • Walking Dead (although no more new episodes for awhile)
  • Four things you are passionate about
    • My marriage
    • My lil GBear
    • Puppies! (particularly rescuing them... like my pup)
    • Books. Love to read.
  • Four phrases you say a lot.
    • Merrrrr. (so it's not a phrase, but it's a big part of my vocab haha)
    • Really?! I mean really?
    • Your face is.... (I know, so mature right, but HB always starts it!)
    • Struggles!
  • Four things you learned from the past.
    • Friendships take work, but when they become stressful it's time to re- evaluate
    • Don't be afraid to be yourself, there are people that love you for you
    • Popularity is so over-rated
    • I am stronger than I thought
  • Four places you would like to go.
    • France (I've been once, but it was entirely too short a trip)
    • Hawaii
    • Australia
    • Italy
  • Four things you did yesterday.
    • Laundry
    • Grocery shopping with lil Gbear (he makes everything more fun)
    • Changed stinky diapers (haha no day is complete without it)
    • Enjoyed some quality cuddles with HB after lil Gbear was asleep
  • Four things you're looking forward to.
    • Christmas vacation (minus the whole airport/traveling business)
    • Trip to SF in a little over a month
    • Some quality time with the HB
    • Zoo Lights with lil gbear (last year we went lil gbear wasn't born yet)
  • Four things you love about winter.
    • the first Snow
    • Having a good excuse to bake tons of treats
    • Scarves. I love Scarves!
Now for the four lovely blogs I am tagging...

City Lights and Camo Nights
Combat Boots and Diapers
Guinn and Bear It
Life of a Fearless Girl

And ladies, I know it's busy, so don't worry, it won't hurt my feelings if you don't do this ;) 


Steph said...

I love all you things you have learned from the past!

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