Saturday, December 18, 2010

McDancer's Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and for those of you that haven't finished your shopping, I thought I'd give you a little guide to the perfect gifts ;) I think I found something for everyone!
The Poo-lar Bear

Because nothing says Christmas better than a little polar bear that poops jelly beans. The woman at the cash register at JoAnn's informed me they had run out of penguins. Apparently they are quite the hit ;)
USB Dancer

It'll only set you back a mere $99.

And now introducing The Potty Putter. For the golf lover in your life.
Practice your putting skills while pooping. Only $19.95 !

And now for you big spenders out there ;) For those of you that aren’t familiar, each year Neiman Marcus releases a Christmas Catalog full of gifts for the person who has everything. The name of the game is extravagance and well, I get a kick out of how extreme some of the ideas are (and to think there are people out there who buy them!)

The Tory Burch Tricycle
Two lovely people can enjoy the plush cushions, armrests, seatbelts, etc, while a third pedals to their hearts content. Before you start feeling sorry for the driver, if they get tired they can flip a switch and activate a clean energy electric drive system. All this can be yours for $4,500, but can you really put a price on fun?

Edible Gingerbread Playhouse by Dylan’s Candy Bar
This lovely playhouse is handcrafted of 381lbs of gourmet gingerbread and 517 lbs of royal icing. This house which measures 6.6 feet high by 5.25 feet wide by 4.1 feet deep has plenty of sugar to keep your children, grandchildren and generations to come in a permanent sugar high! All this delectable delight can be yours for only $15,000.

Last but certainly not least: Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation
The ultimate Art Lover’s gift, the world renowned Northwest glass artist, Dale Chihuly, offers the perfect Christmas gift for the person in your life that has everything! This luxury gift offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a privately commissioned Chihuly art installation measuring up to 22 feet by 12 feet—at the bottom of your swimming pool. The lucky recipient will get to visit Chihuly’s workshop and see the creative mind at work, bossing around his workers who actually make the glass.  At only $1,500,000.00 this gift is a bargain ;)

There you have it, a little something for everyone this holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! woot!

Becca Leanne said...

i so bought that pooping polar bear for a gift one year (:
Also, Beauty and the Beast is me second favorite (:
I look forward to reading your blog :D

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

hahaha i love all the poop gifts!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Who comes up with this stuff? Whoever it is, you know they're raking in the dough!

Jessa said...

My husband needs that pole dancer. I am going to find one cheaper that is NOT sold by Amazon!

Steph said...

Haha... love the pooping polar bear.

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