Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Baby

Now that I'm a mom, Santa is once again a super exciting thing to me. Little did I realize, many people these days choose not to bring their children up believing in Santa. I think that's a little sad, but maybe I'm just a bad mom setting my child up for disappointment and failure.
However, I cannot wait until lil Gbear is old enough to really get excited about Santa. I'm crossing my fingers that this year he likes meeting the big guy in red and isn't terrified!
Thinking about Santa reminds me of when I was a little kid. Santa ALWAYS brought practical gifts (i.e. pj's, socks, underwear) and oddly had my mother's handwriting on all the tags. (My parents never tried to be that sneaky) Except one year, one year Santa brought me the most beautiful American Girl doll, that I had been drooling over for ages. Good job Santa ;)


hmb said...

My favorite Santa gift was when I got the McDonald's play kitchen. It had a drive thru window. Love, love, loved that thing.

Ashley@LearningLifeAsLucy said...

I don't teach my daughter about Santa as most people do. I teach her about Saint Nicholas and how he gave presents to children all over [which is actually true] and about the birth of Jesus. I am still undecided [she is only 2] if I want to have the whole santa sneaking in bringing presents thing because I was completely devastated when I found out my mom had lied to me all those years... We definitely still carry the normal traditions and watch all the classic disney shows, even ones with Santa and she knows who Santa is but not in a traditional way. I think to each his own but I do think that parents need to still keep the magic in Christmas even if they don't do Santa.

Lou said...

omg! i loved american girl dolls!! i collected them!! i got my first one for my birthday and then its clothing from santa!!! awe.memories!

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