Monday, January 24, 2011

Goldfish and Beer

As I sit here typing, my hands are covered in cheesiness from the Xtreme Cheddar Goldfish I've been scarfing. I have a delicious bottle of Shock Top sitting next to me (usually I go for wine, but it seemed like a better match for Goldfish).

You may have guessed it. HB is in the field again. Hopefully only tonight because I leave for my SF adventure on Wednesday and I would really like to see my husband again before I leave. I wish that I had been able to plan this better and have been gone when he was gone, but I booked these tickets ages ago. While I'm super excited to go, I'm bummed to be leaving HB behind. I know it will be wonderful though and he'll occupy himself playing ridiculous amounts of video games without me interrupting him wanting to cuddle.

I'm not feeling very wordy tonight, just catching up on everyone's blogs and taking some time to check out some new ones (thanks to the Military Blog Hop). Hope everyone had a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

Ha I love those goldfish. If you havent tried the half pretzel half cracker snacks you should. I love them especially the cheddar.

Heather Irwin said...

Yum...goldfish! Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back.

Steph said...

Enjoy your alone time! I'll keep my fingers crossed that he'll be back before you leave.

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