Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Letting Myself Splurge (just a little)

Well the tree is finally down, HB went back to work, but Christmas isn't quite over yet. We've been buying a few things with some of the gift cards we got from family (they wanted to spare us having to drag big gifts across country)

I finally got a new vacuum, that doesn't spit everything back at me!
So far I'm really happy with it, but I want to really use it in the next few days to be sure it is the one I want. Things I like about it so far: It actually works haha. No but really, it has the different floor settings, nice long stretchy hose, and an upholstery attachment that even has a spin brush.
So far things I'm not in love with about it: definitely bigger than our cheapo vacuum, when I go to pull the hose out it often pulls the whole attachment (the neat pet brush you see on the left) with it, no retracting cord.
I think I will end up liking it. Of course a Dyson would have been amazing, but a tad out of our price range for now.
And today I am going to go buy myself a new pair of boots. I've been lusting after boots for awhile and I'm finally giving in. I'm thinking one of these two pairs, but it will depend what they look like on.

Both of these lovelies can be found at DSW. And Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale started in stores today. I don't usually like spending full price there, but their sales can be great and post baby, let's face it, the girls could use a little help. So really, that's a gift for both me and HB all in one ;) However, I will admit, I always feel awkward at the prospect of going into VS with lil Gbear, but he won't know the difference I guess. Don't judge~ A mom needs cute bras too!

And don't worry, HB got some desires too (like a year subscription to XBOX live, and yet another video game haha)


Steph said...

Good luck with the rest of your shopping. Hopefully, you score some killer deals.

Anonymous said...

Love DSW! There isn't one around here. Boo!

Unknown said...

Oh man. I am looking online DSW right now... I NEED some boots... But my feet suck. Too picky! hahhaa, I am afraid that if I got something that it wouldn't fit right and I would have to return it and bleh... hassle hassle... You know??

Ah well.

So... Puppy Chow? Maybe that was a deterrent so that when you were kids you would eat less! hahaha

"Well, you know kids, this is what the dogs eat"


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