Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost in the Desert

I feel like our house is never organized, partly of that has to do with a tiny little munchkin who loves to spread his  joy toys all around the house and then of course there is the pup who does the same, but I expect that from them.

Before my wonderful HB was deployed, he bordered on OCD. He even made a comment when he was home on R&R about how we would need to work on my organization, because he couldn't live in the chaos. To be fair, I discovered the amount of stuff I had crammed into my one room of the house I lived in with my friends comfortably fills 2 closets and at least one and a half rooms in this house {not to mention my boxes in the garage} So to say I was hurting for space is a major understatement. While his attitude toward my mess hurt my hormone driven feelings a little, I knew he was right and his efforts to be tidy kept me motivated to stay tidy. We complemented each other.

However, now, nothing is ever in it's place for more than 5 minutes. Now, I don't have all kinds of spare time to reorganize things, because if little Gbear is awake he thinks it's hilarious to pull things out of drawers and cause mayhem {don't get me wrong I think it's adorable}. And when he's napping, quite frankly I need a little me time. My point is, it's hard enough just keeping the house livable, but I never feel like it's organized. And the hubby? He's one of the guiltiest.
Actual conversation:
Hey Hun, have you seen my pants?
Hmm, could they be hanging in the closet where they belong?
Oh, didn't think to look there.

Now the reason this is a little more amusing, said pants had lived on the floor for days. That's right, he looked for them on the floor and was baffled when they were *gasp* hanging up.
I love my husband, he is wonderful, but where did my amazingly anal retentive organized, husband go?!
I think he must be lost in the desert.

My little mess maker {and yes, those are dog toys~he thinks he's a puppy}


Jennifer said...

Aw he is so adorable!

My bf is the same way. When I was visiting him in Dec I was so bored one day while he was work that I decided to completely clean his house. The next morning he woke me up in a panic because he couldn't find his uniform... which was hanging in his closet where it belongs instead of randomly strewn about the living room. lol

L. said...

My husband likes to make comments about the state of our house over Skype so I had to tell him very nicely to shove it and save the critiquing for when he's actually in this hemisphere. :)

Angie said...

My Mr. gets mad when I put his clothes away because then he can't find them. He'll live out of the (clean) laundry basket if he could.

SLM said...

LOL I think we are married to the same guy :-)

Steph said...

I'm the OCD one in our hour. But look at that little fella, he just wants to play.

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