Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paper Mama Photo Challenge

One of the blogs I love to read {and look at all the pretty pictures} is The Paper Mama. She has a photo challenge and after our little photo session out in the snow the other day, I decided to submit a photo of Gbear and Bear Cub.

I don't claim to be a mega awesome photographer- let's face it a lot of my photos are luck, but I want to get better. So here's one of my first tries. I played around with it a bit on picknik. So here's my lovely submission for Movement!

Bear decided that he wanted little man to play and little man was delighted. They make me smile.
Another smile worthy moment: impromptu dance party in the living room today {and yes even HB joined in}
G-Man's form of dancing is more of a twist and flail, but I love it. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


KD Photography said...

What a great pic! He looks like he's having so much fun! Can't remember the last time I've seen snow out here in sun-shiney arizona!

Fran said...

That picture is TOO cute! Love it :)

Gris said...

Really cute!

Lou said...

i love the picture its raw...i felt like i was there. it is awesome!

Jennifer said...


Jaymi said...

aww so cute!

Michelle said...

SUPER CUTE!! Love the expression on his face!


Cait said...

ah im so glad i came across your blog- that picture is priceless :) how funny! can't wait to read more! xo

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

wow, I love that face, he is so excited! Love this picture:)

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