Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cleaning with Wyclef & ABC's of Me

Today has been a clean house day. HB had a three day, so today feels like my Monday. This song came up on my Pandora mix today and it put me in a Wyclef mood.

And I thought I had scheduled this to post last night, but alas I didn't so I will just add it onto here :
(A) Age: 24
(B) Bed Size: Queen
(C) Chore You Really Dislike: Putting away laundry and taking out trash
(D) Dogs? Bear Cub.. lab/golden retriever mix
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Diet Coke. Yup, so unhealthy.
(F) Favorite Color: Teal or Pink
(G) Gold or Silver? White gold, except in summer I love yellow gold {especially Indian gold ~ I have a ring from the Indian quarter in London, the yellow gold is so vibrant!}
(H) Height: 5'8
(I) Instruments You Play: Used to play piano and violin
(J) Job Title: Queen of the Household {currently SAHM}
(K) Kids: Lil Gbear
(L) Live: Lovely little 3 bdrm house with a great yard for Bear
(M) Mom's Name: Irish for Margaret
(N) Nicknames: Mwoww
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Just when Gbear was born.
(P) Pet Peeve: So many lol. One upmanship, poor grammar, know it alls, fair weather friends.
(Q) Quote from a Movie: "Allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you" {first one that came to mind, but there are sooo many good ones}
(R) Right or Left Handed? Righty.
(S) Siblings: 1 brother.. big age difference
(T) Time You Wake Up? Whenever HB does for work or on the weekends we take turns getting up in time for Gbear
(U) Underwear: Cute and girly
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: Can't think of any, I love veggies!!
(W) What Makes You Run Late: Little Gbear and miscalculating driving time
(X) X-Rays: Feet, ankles, hips, shoulders, teeth {many many times}
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Hmm, Parmesan Italian Chicken or Shepherd's Pie
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Pandas!


Lou said...

awe pandas are adorable!

Candace said...

Oh diet coke! It is a start to my day as well. I'm a DC addict!

Jennifer said...

All your pet peeves are pet peeves of mine too!

Missus Elle said...

MMMM DIET COKE. I miss it.

Victoria said...

Teal and Pink are two of my favorite colors too! Though I will admit I am a fan of a lot ;)

Megan said...

I think you should share your recipe for Parmesan Italian Chicken. Just reading that made me hungry!! :)

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