Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Might Surprise Yourself

My first trip to Gbear’s newest pediatrician resulted in me questioning my child. Was he not hitting his milestone’s? Is there something wrong? Of course, I rush home and Google away and soon am convinced that my child has autism, cancer, brain swelling. You name it; he has it. Clearly, I’m a WebMdChondriac.
After a few less insane and emotional people assured me that Gbear is developing normally and if a problem does arise, we will be equipped to handle it, it got me thinking about how as a parent, I am in such a rush for Gbear to hit this marks. It’s almost like I want to speed up time, but in reality I want him to be my baby forever! I understand the need for milestones. They are there as guidelines to help spot issues early, but I think many people {myself included} get too wrapped up in when their child is “supposed” to do something. Some people go as far as making it a competition. *pet peeve*

Gbear started walking in January. He took steps a few different times. People kept saying, “Once they take steps they’re off and running before you know it!” It’s now nearly April and he still will only walk occasionally. I started to worry, but then I remembered, he’ll do it in his own time. I have seen that he is physically capable of walking; he’s just not 100% ready. I’ve found he’ll only walk when he’s not thinking about it. If he’s distracted by the puppy he’ll walk across the room. While he’s brandishing his bubble wand he’ll walk a few feet. Today I took him outside and he was so focused on reaching the gate that he didn’t even notice that he walked the entire length of the driveway. Where am I going with this *because I swear this post isn’t just about Gbear*

How often in life do I find myself over thinking things? Overanalyzing an issue to the point of paralyzing myself. Second guessing my abilities, whether it be as a mom, wife, woman, any of the roles I find myself in. And yet, here I am. Not a failure. Happy. Sure, life is constantly moving, so things are constantly changing, but little by little I am taking those baby steps.  As soon as I stop trying to force things and over think things, life falls into place. I’m not saying people should take a passenger seat in their car of life, but maybe, just maybe, when you stop thinking about it, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do!

*I've been playing catch up on all your lovely blogs~ hopefully I'll be all caught up tomorrow. It's been one of those weeks lol {and it's only Tuesday!}


Anonymous said...

He is sooo adorable!!!! My sisters twins hit milestones differently and it freaked her out. She was convinced that Miah (the younger twin) was slow. The Dr assured her that she is far from slow but shes taking her time walking and talking...Miah hardly talks but Haily is speaking and can ask for things by saying "I want." You have to keep in mind that babies just do what they you said he only walks when hes not paying attention...maybe he just likes crawling more than walking. I am sure he will be walking/running soon.

I'll Love You Forever said...

He is such a stud!! He is so cute and you are a great mom!

Ashley said...

He is adorable!
I am guilty of overanalyzing until I drive myself crazy.. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to step back and enjoy the ride!

JG said...

I totally can see myself being parnoid with my kids, especially being married to and into a family of perfectionists (that's the nice word for it). When one niece (very typically) took a little while to pronounce her 'r's, my MIL kindly informed my BIL that his child might have a serious developmental issue and they should be very concerned. Or when the other one described dirty blonde hair as "grey," she (MIL) declared her to be color blind, and needing to be tested immediately. Man, I'm feeling anxious already.

I'm already trying to front-load my oncoming neurosis by reminding myself that even slow talkers, slow walkers, picky eaters and shy children all eventually learn to walk, talk, explore and enjoy life - I mean, we were all one of those things or another, and we turned out all right, right? I mean, I *think* I did.

Gris said...

I'm sure be will start running soon, when you least expect it, you will see him run.

Julie said...

There's lots of us that are WebMDchrondriacs...few are able to admit it.

I would think as a parent is is easy to get caught up in those milestones because you just want the best for your child. You just get nervous which is normal!

Lou said...

love the socks and shoes:) hes adorable. WebMD is addicting even if you dont have kids! hes is such a cutie patotie!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

That picture is just awesome! I'm a totaly Dr. Google fanatic too and I think a lot of the "pressure" for parents is from those competitive parents always asking "Can she do this?" "What about this?" It's so frustrating but I like what you said, we just have to let things happen on their own time and until then, drive ourselves crazy with Dr. Internet :)

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