Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday: Puppy Edition

The other day I made an EPIC puppy mommy fail. Every morning, HB leaves the gate open and when I get dressed for the day, I go out and shut it so that Bear can romp. Clearly, you can guess where this is leading. The other morning, I got distracted by laundry and let Bear out the back door {i.e. didn't see the gate wide open} He usually romps for a while and then comes to the side door and barks to be let in. I didn't get worried until I realized that I had finished my tasks around the house and still no bark.

I go to to the door to check on him and my heart stops. I see the gate open. Quickly I ran outside, already beginning to panic. After calling his name a good 5 or 6 times, with my voice becoming increasingly frantic, I realize he's not in our yard. He doesn't have his collar on because he just got a bath the night before and we are only a few short blocks from some major roads. Not good odds for an easily distracted puppy. I started running up the street {no shoes on} yelling his name, when I remember the front door is open and the baby is unsupervised so I stop and run back. Speed dial my bestie but only get her voicemail. Panic grows. The tears are flowing at this point. What will I do without my Bear? How will HB ever forgive me? How will I forgive myself? Suddenly, I hear it. It's like angels singing. Bear's distinct bark off in the distance. I run to the edge of the driveway and peer up the street and I see the flutter of his tail as he chases a kitty. Relief swept over me and I realized I was shaking! I called his name once more and he came running like it was a game. I have never been so happy to see his goofy face since the day we took him home.

Recently I've been feeling a little reminiscent of his puppy days, after all, he was my first baby! Who can resist cute puppy antics? Not this girl ;)

Bear used to throw puppy tantrums when his bowl didn't have water left in it. I kind of miss the puppy tantrums

This was Bear's very first pig's ear {gross, but he loves them} and Kora, J's pup, desperately wanted him to share. Clearly, sharing was not on Bear's mind!


Michelle said...

I'm so glad you found him. I just want to scream when stuff like that happens. The Chihuahuas only got out once in this house, but they were at the neighbor's house eating bread left for the birds. How nerve wracking for you!

Unknown said...

So glad you found him! Lady Pug got out once, Mr left and didn't shut the door tightly behind him, and Lady Pug escaped. I was upstairs and I just happened to look down the stairs and see the front door opened I freaked, started screaming for her, and once she didn't show up I ran to get the phone to call Mr to see if he had her. When I got back to the door she was sitting there looking at me like, "What mom?" Haha So glad she didn't wonder off!

Megan said...

I teared up while I was reading this. I'm SO glad you found him!

SLM said...

I'm so glad you found him!!!! I've had this moment before myself, it's just awful!!

I'll Love You Forever said...

How frightening! Ahhh.. so glad you found him!!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Oh man, I'm glad he came home! My first thought was "I hope there's no Jehovah's Witnesses out there because Bear the the JW's do not mix" : ) Puppy videos were too cute. Loved watching him dance around his water bowl.

JG said...

When the water bowl gets empty, they ring the bell like they want to go outside, but instead of standing by the door, they'll stand over the bowl. And if that doesn't work (like we aren't paying attention) Achilles will run his paw inside the bowl and "ring" it. It's funny.

Jen said...

He's so cute...I would have been one panicked mommy as well!! I'm glad that he listens to you call him and doesn't scatter like so many other dogs would!!! Glad that he's back home safely with/u!

Lou said...

awe, im glad he was found. so scary when that happens.

Anonymous said...

glad you found him...
we have an invisible fence
for my BEAR and she wears
a collar that lets her
know when she's near the
edge of her limits...
she's so trained to that
she stays inside the boundaries
even when my hubby takes her
collar off to bathe her and
FORGETS to put it back on!!!

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