Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane {a little late}

The lovely Lou over at Guinn and Bare It had a wonderful idea to do a trip down memory lane {she was a seriously cute kid!} Sadly, my mom has all of my photos hostage back home, so I didn't participate, but today I was organizing our office and hark! A lovely disk of photos a friend made for my high school graduation. We're talking the entire life of yours truly. I of course won't bore you with all of them lol, but let's take a little Trip Down Memory Lane.

Every summer from the time I was little wee my mom, brother and I would take a trip across the pond to London to spend at least 4 weeks with my grandma. London really did become like a second home and I would move there in a heartbeat. It's one of the very few cities I would live in {I'm a suburb girl at heart}
We would visit museums and all the sites. The first pic is in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall. Then there is the typical shot on the train. Kew Gardens. And a day at the park enjoying the sunshine. Some pretty sweet fashion statements too ;-)

We also spent time in the Pacific Northwest visiting my other Grandma. When we got older we usually only went for Christmas, but when we were little we also got up there in the summer time {my favorite time in the NW} I love the photo of my brother and I on the dock. I was always trying to be like him and do what he did, so I think this is a great example.

And then some random good times: Easter, Halloween, Snow {which was unusual in the city where I was born} and another Halloween. I wanted to be a mad scientist for Halloween. I just ended up looking super goofy!
Hope you enjoyed a little peek at munchkin me. Sometime soon I'll give you a peek into Irish dancing munchkin me lol.


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