Friday, May 27, 2011

I Wish I Would Have Known

I wish someone had told me that just because you get a college degree doesn't mean you will find a good job career. Obviously this is something I've learned in the few short years since graduating from college. Growing up, my goal was, graduate high school, attend a good college, do well in school and get a good job.
What I failed to understand was that potential employers do not care what your G.P.A. was. Oh, how small that one line on my resume looks. Seventeen years of preparation, followed by four years of mostly hard work {college is about having a little fun too} and all I have to show for it is one measly little line. I wish I had done internships or more volunteer work. In high school, I was super volunteer girl and somehow in college the years just quickly slipped by.
Don’t get me started on the employers that promise growth and you get stuck in a rut.
I wish someone had told me how small that degree looks on a resume and that it by no means guarantees you anything in life.  Yes, I am glad I got my college education, but what now?
I wish someone had told me, but who knows, if my parents had tried to tell me, I'm sure I wouldn't have listened.
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*Don't get me wrong. Being a mom has always been a dream of mine, but I am a people pleaser/ over-achiever. I  feel the need to make something of myself. Something that down the road, my son will say, hey, my mom is kind of impressive {because let's face it, kids are born to be embarrassed of their parents lol can't expect too much ;-) }


Jennifer said...

I wish someone would've told me that too. I busted my butt through college and grad school to get good grades and all that basically means nothing now. I definitely understand why you're frustrated but I know something will work out for you soon!

Erin said...

Oh gosh how I love this post. Every day I want to kick myself in the rear for ever going to college. I pay $800 a month in student loans and work at a bank. It sucks. I have nothing to show for it except for a measly piece of paper. Places just aren't hiring. It's sad.

Jillian said...

YES YES YES! I can't believe I was so stressed over my GPA through college. ehh..I'm still a little proud of myself. Maybe that'll rub off in a few years ;) Even if I don't have a good job, at least I have that very expensive line on my resume, right? I know we'll both find something soon. It's definitely a process!

Mrs. H said...

I used to think that and right as I got married, I got a break from school. I have one more year left.
What I've realized from observation is that the girls who sucker punched their way to having a great resumé, not having any fun, being career-absorbed is that they're not happy.
When you're child smiles at you next time, think that you did something worthwhile to ONE person :)

(p.s. I was that girl in high school who did EVERYTHING and got 4.0, volunteered in everything, AND got into a top tier school. I'm happily married and can't wait to start a great family....even if I don't finish my film degree :D)

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

We experienced a similar thing. I'm still studying, doing a PhD, but I've got a few bits and pieces up my sleeve and should be right for a job when I'm done. My OH however just started a job after 15+ months of unemployment. It sucks and is completely ego-draining, not good! But there is hope, and I think it's important to decide what you want in life and decide whether a degree is for you based on that. I guess I just mean, don't give up on getting a dream career just because it's hard! (OK, admittedly near impossible in some fields :P)

Like you said though, volunteering and related part time work is very helpful on your CV!

Unknown said...

I know this feeling! I think this all the time, I have a degree, a piece of paper, and mountains of student debt...for what? I am glad I went to college and graduated, but sometimes I just wish I would have done things a little differently. Like go for a different type of degree, which is what I am doing now, but now it just means more debt. Yay me! Just don't give up, I'm sure you will get a career you love one day!

Lou said...

im feeling you...girl i hate that i cant find a job. graduating from college doesnt really matter to anyone...its a killer.

Shayla said...

I remember having a conversation with my dad when I was in high school where I asked my dad... what do you think my doctor made on his licensing exam???? Do you think he aced it or just barely passed. . . cause he's great, but I just realized your degree doesn't say your final grade on it. He laughed SO hard and said man, I never thought about it, but you're right!!!

I personally am DYING to finish college (less than a year left!!!) but I have to remind myself not to get too caught up in being perfect because my degree won't say and my students won't notice :)

I can relate to your fear, here in Texas there are teaching freezes, and layoffs all over the state so there are days when I doubt whether the hard work is worth it, and I have already tried mentally preparing my husband to let him know it may take me a couple years to get a regular teaching position :/

It STINKS, but as long as I Glorify God no matter what position I have, then I must be doin somethin right :)

*I hope you have peace, and time to relax in the unknown without worrying about anything job related!!!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I totally understand. I only have an associates degree and am currently getting my bachelors and NOT having that little piece of paper disqualify me from every job I ever wanted. When I do have it, they're just gonna want more from me! UGH, it's a never ending cycle of not good enough and there's always someone better/more qualified. So frustrating.

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