Monday, July 4, 2011

Small Things on the Fourth

Two years ago, as I watched the fireworks explode over the water, I listened to all the joyful families around me. I clung tightly to my love's arm, trying to enjoy the holiday, but deep down my heart wasn't in it. It was our last holiday before the dreaded deployment.

Last year, I was home with my parents. We watched the fireworks from our front porch, but all I could think of was my impending trip cross country, soon to be followed by HB's return. I just wanted to fast forward yet another holiday without HB and get to the fun part, homecoming!

This year, we are having an incredibly laid back {some might say boring} 4th. We don't have any big events on the horizon and for the most part, I am super content with the stability. Of course, everyone loves a little excitement in their lives, but I'm sure many of you can agree that deployment is NOT the kind of excitement a person longs for.

Today, I enjoyed watching my little man run around in the grass. I enjoyed a delicious bomb pop and even shared it with Gbear. I watched silly tv shows and read some awesome blogs {Household 6 Diva was one of my favorites from today, not that I didn't enjoy them all!!} And now, as HB and I both relax in our recliners, I hear the popping of fireworks outside.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind, work for me, school for HB and playtime for Gbear ;-)

In the days to come, especially with the gorgeous weather that summer brings, I will enjoy the freedom to be boring, the freedom to enjoy the simple things in life. Life doesn't always have to be full of big events, sometimes the small things are the most important, after all, not everyone will get the chance to appreciate the small things.

Signs of Patriotism {etsy}


Jessa said...

Super boring 4th here. Not even at a fireworks display. By the time I started feeling well enough, it was too late to want to try and find a spot. I'm glad you got to have your nice quiet 4th with your family! :)

L.A.C.E. said...

So glad to see you :D Been waiting for a new post. God Bless Our Troops. Have a Happy, Boring 4th!

Unknown said...

We didn't go much either...a little geocaching, disc gold and some brats on the grill. Now we're just waiting for fireworks if we're still up for them!

Anonymous said...

I totally can relate to what you experienced 2 years ago with your hubs getting ready to deploy. This is the last holiday hubs and I have before he leaves too. Most definitely bittersweet. Glad you had a relaxing 4th though, that's how the 4th should be!

Sierra said...

We laid low for most of the day too. But we then went out to the city's big fireworks show, fun for the kids.

Steph said...

Glad to hear from you! We had a pretty laid back 4th too. Have a great week my dear!

JG said...

:) We must be getting old. We seriously spent yesterday fixing a broken a/c unit and just hanging out on the phone with our parents. :) I convinced SoldierMan to drive across town to watch fireworks, though. That was fun.

Michelle said...

We had my parents in town for a visit and played boardgames (which I think are fun, not boring). Between the 3 dogs and my husband all jumping with every pop and bang going on outside going out to see fireworks was out of the question.

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I had a similar 4th and I must say it was perfect! Glad you got to spend yours with the people that mean the most! Happy 4th to you and yours!

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