Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Wishes with Miss C

My girl Miss C has given new life to Wednesday Wishes and I thought I would join in because who doesn't love a little wishful thinking now and again! Side note: I totally say Wed-nes-day when I'm typing Wednesday. It's like a little reminder there's an N there. Silly ninja N!

1) Let's start small; I hope it snows for Christmas! {Given where we live, this is very likely}

2) I wish HB and I could go on a tropical vacation, perhaps a cruise?
Yes, Please!
3) I wish that I could find the motivation to get back in shape {not lose weight, just tone}
New workout clothing fashion?! YES!
4) I wish that I could afford grad school right now {oh and that I would get accepted to an awesome program too lol}
I stumbled on this image while searching "grad school" and it made me laugh
That's all I've got folks! Happy Hump Day! Oh and head over and join up with Miss C, there's still time *cough* Fran *cough*  And anyone else, the more the merrier!!!


Miss.C said...

Hooray! I like your wishes too :) that tutu, along with the book, are many things that should really be introduced into my life :)

Lou said...

i have to do the same thing when i spell Wednesday hahha so funny. I want to go to grad school to..sad face i hope that dream comes true.

Fran said...

Fun fact: Junior year of high school. It snowed ALL of December. Dec 22 temps go up, snow melts, doesn't snow again until Dec 26. We had a snowless Christmas that year, in MICHIGAN of all places! It was a sad day lol

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