Monday, March 26, 2012

Postcard Swap

This post is definitely a little overdue, but better late than never!

The lovely Jessica over at Jessica Lynn Writes came up with the glorious idea to have a postcard swap among some blogging lovelies and I jumped at the chance to get a little snail mail and participated in the You've Got Snail Mail: Postcard Swap 2012.

I got paired with Jes from Bleu Dress and Dress Blues. I admit, I wasn't really familiar with Jes before the swap, but I soon learned what a small world this really is. In spite her current geographical location being across the globe, all the way in Japan, she went to college in my current neck of the woods and is even an alumna of the university my husband is currently attending! *cue Disney's It's a Small World*

Anyhoo, a little over a week ago I excitedly discovered this gem in the mail pile:

Lo and behold, a gorgeous view of Mt. Fuji and the super express "Nozomi" I love the contrast between the sleek, high tech train and the organic, powerful nature of Fuji-San.  Thanks so much for sending me the awesome postcard- it's sitting on my desk reminding me of all the adventures I want to go on! ;-)  Good luck, Jes, on conquering Fuji San!!! {United we Swoop - Go Eagles!}


Jes said...

YAY! Glad ya like the post card! This was fun =}

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