Saturday, August 25, 2012

Belated Furry Friends

Let me start by saying, thank you so much for all the kind thoughts and words.  It has meant more than you all can possibly know. Gbear has his first therapy appointments scheduled and I'm excited to get the ball rolling and see how we can help him live an amazing life.

Having said that, I've been crazy busy this past week. I worked EVERY day, but now I get to enjoy a little vacation.  

What better way to start a vacation than participating in Me and My SoldierMan's Furry Friday linkup {albeit a couple days late} Her pups are stinkin adorable and I always love their many expressions.  I myself have a wonderful, patient, goofy fur pup, who makes life better. As Gbear has been growing, I have really loved to see the relationship developing between them. From a very early age, Gbear has been enamored with the Bear pup and now they love to adventure around the yard together. Nothing quite like a boy and his dog ;-)

Do you have furry babies? Join in on the fun!! 


reccewife said...

awww, your pups are so cute! We just adopted a dog, so maybe in the next little while I will get to do a link up!

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