Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Gonna Be May

I saw an interesting idea on Story of My Life: a challenge to blog every day in May. I'm not sure I will make it through the whole challenge, but the first topic intrigued me so much I had to try. If you had to tell your life in 250 words or less, what would you say? I decided to give it a try. Excuse my slightly stream of consciousness style of writing for this and who am I kidding, this is probably just a huge exercise in egotism, because who cares about my life story, but for those who may, here goes!

Born in Texas, cementing my lifelong love of yellow roses. Raised in Kansas, yes, like Dorothy. Bitten by the travel bug at 3 with my first transatlantic trip to visit grandma. 
Irish dance was my life, but I made time for sports too. 
Running, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, I tried them all, but running was my best. 
Traveled to the Emerald City (well, just south) for college.  Francais & Art History were my bag. Made lifelong friends and learned lifelong lessons which can’t be found in books.  
Post graduation frantic job search led to amazing opportunity at an art museum and concurrently met my now husband.  Epic first date. Enormously awkward first kiss; we were clearly meant to be. 
Throw in a puppy, an engagement, a deployment, a baby, a homecoming,  and our first year living together as a family. 
Bam- Hubs’ ETS. New direction in life. Headed to the Mitten where hubs’ went back to school. Family adventures in our new (for me) home. Found a fun part time job at a museum followed by an AMAZING job at a library. New calling? Being storytime maven & crafting queen of the library lets me use my creative juices.  Gbear diagnosed with CP and started school.  The age of three, I finally hear him say mama. Life affirming. Trying to be the best mama I can. Finding new life goals & looking to the future. Master’s Degree? Big changes coming my way before 2013 is over. Stick around & see.

Too lazy to do a picture "This is My Life" so you get a crazy pic to make it fun ;-)


Ms. Nix said...

I love your story. Short, sweet, and to the point with your goofy/witty personality mixed in. :) Can't wait to see what the rest of 2013 holds for you and the boys. :)

Megan said...

Love it!

Fran said...

Love it - did not know you were born in Texas haha

Rachel said...

Efficient!! That's a lot of life lived in 250 words!

Cat said...

Well, if you need an "About Me" page, this is basically it! Hope you're enjoying your 'big changes' over there.

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