Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Techno Tot

In society today, there is a proliferation of harsh judgments, especially when kids and parenting come into play.  It seems that the moment you conceive a child, everyone and her mother knows what’s best for you and your child. Honestly, often times it starts even before you conceive. {for those struggling with fertility this is especially true. The comments of “Just relax it’ll happen” “My cousin did this and was pregnant in a minute” etc}

Now, we are all human and are not immune to expressing judgment. I know for sure I am not perfect, however I have learned that some of my pre-child proclamations, well they were just a giant crock of you know what. {keeping it family friendly y’all}

One particular statement I vividly remember and now make a nice snack of eating those clueless words was the topic of technology and children. I was vehemently against children utilizing things like iPads, iPhones, and other screen toting tech pieces, but I realized that yet again, I need to remember a) how naïve I was pre-children to the many facets of parenthood and b)everything in moderation.

I initially began to question my quick negative stance when my sweet little man started speech therapy. Children with special needs are facing so many more opportunities for growth thanks to technology. How can that be a bad thing? Not only are there apps that help his speech skills to flourish, but there is also an amazing app that gives a voice to his thoughts. He hasn’t mastered this one yet, but oh how it helps him express his needs!  Even playing games on the phone helps his speech, because at three it is so difficult to get a child to respond in the ways speech therapy is addressed at an older age. For a three year old, speech therapy is basically play time with a mission.

I’m also struck by how easily children can pick up technology and it reminds me of some of the older people I have tutored in technology. Oh, how they wish that they had been exposed to technology when they were young and their brains were little sponges. Our society is a technologically driven society. There is no escaping it {unless you choose to live off the grid} I’m not saying you have to worship technology, but I also feel like keeping my child from technology will be doing him a disservice in the long run when he is stuck playing catch up. He has enough obstacles to face in his life.

Now, I firmly believe that everything should be experienced in moderation. You won’t find me letting Gbear play games on the iPhone all day long, entering into zombie glazed over status, but then again, I have learned to put aside my judgment of the evil screen. Every day I’m learning that one of my most common revelations is that, *gasp* I didn’t {and still don’t} know everything and I’m not always right. {but please, don’t tell my family I said that. Why? Because Momma said so!}


Anonymous said...

I was the same way, but kids seem to gravitate towards technology. My little one already knows how to choose her books

Fran said...

I think moderation is definitely key :)

erika said...

That's a really good point. I don't let Millie play with my phone, but when there are apps that can help like that, I would do anything and everything for her, so it's awesome to have that as a resource. Pretty sure G has an amazing mama. :)

Rhe Christine said...

ugh, i feel ya....never say never yo!! LOL

Jane said...

<3 That is such a neat take on technology. And I completely agree with everything you've said. It's so neat the opportunities that kids have these days because of technology.

Vanessa said...

We are those bad parents who let our 4 year old use the iPad at church, because, well, it keeps him from whining -- though the people sitting behind us usually look at us funny, because he's often playing the Human Body game and he's fascinated with, well, poop. Sigh. I remember having a computer as a kid before many other families did, and I'm thankful I was exposed to it early. -- also, technology really helps when it's drill weekend, you're pregnant, and you have two little ones running amok. :)

Jen said...

People always want to judge but watching Leap Frog on the ipad helped my son learn his letters, numbers, and colors.Those are some of the few words he can actually say so we set time aside to watch a show and repeat whatever the character is saying, it's working for us. :)

Unknown said...

I think you're right, everything in moderation! Also, if using technology works for your family, awesome! Use it! I think it can be so helpful in so many ways.

Thanks for hosting Flashback Friday with me:)

Breenah A said...

Completely agree about moderation. We use the iPad and tv moderately, but my daughter is still disappointed when the tv isn't a touch screen.

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