Monday, July 29, 2013

Truth of the Matter

Want to know a slightly terrible truth. One that some days I’m almost ashamed of? I’ve never shared the fact that Gbear has CP with the vast majority of people in my “real” world {as opposed to blogging} My family knows, some family friends, and my coworkers {who are truly such amazing friends too} but friends from before? Even some I consider my oldest, greatest friends? They don’t know.

For awhile I think it was because I had a hard time coming to terms with the diagnosis. Every parent dreams of having a healthy child and that dream had seemed a reality for awhile, only to be torn away from me. However, now, I feel like my reasons for not sharing have changed. It’s not simply one reason either.

For one thing, I don’t want them to pity Gbear. As soon as you mention something like CP, people often adopt this look in their eyes. I don’t want them to treat him differently. He is still the same amazing kid, just with some insight into how he ticks.  I also don’t want people to think that I am mentioning for attention. I mean, is there ever really a good moment to bring the subject up without seeming like a drama queen who craves acknowledgment? And finally, I don’t really want their well meant parenting advice. Often when I do mention Gbear’s diagnosis, people quickly brush it of with, “Oh, you’re overreacting. He’ll grow out of it”

Oh how I wish this was just a phase that he could grow out of, but the truth is that our wonderful little man is made differently than your average kid. Not better. Not worse. Just different in his own special and sometimes incredibly frustrating ways.

So for now, I guard him from the looks, the pity, the way people change when hearing those words. I’d much rather they love him for who he really is rather than being blinded by a diagnosis.


Amber said...

I've met this little guy and he gets no pity from me! He is an amazing kid and you are doing an even more amazing job with him. You don't own anything to anyone, share what you want and keep what you want. Look at that smile - THAT is all that matters.

erika said...


Lauren said...

Way to be a trooper for the little man!! :)

Glad to have you following!

Alejandra said...

Hugs!! He looks like a wonderful little boy & he's got a wonderful mama!!

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