Sunday, October 20, 2013

Not So Tasty Nubbins

From the very early days of Pinterest I have been addicted. While sometimes I find it causing me to wish for a bigger house {or more often a bigger wardrobe} for the most part it has made life easier, better, and with pretty pictures! One of my favorite elements of Pinterest would be finding new delicious recipes.
Overall, I have had excellent luck with the recipes I've found thanks to good ol' Pinterest. These Cake Batter Cookies are now made on a regular basis in our household {and disappeared like hotcakes at the holiday party I took them to}
And these soft gingerbread cookies are one of my favorite recipes of all time. One cadet took home a plate full of them and had them finished before the night was over. Sometimes I make them without the white chocolate chips if I'm in a rush.
We've had many other successes and I promise they weren't all desserts. So when I decided to try this baby out, I thought it would go down as another Win.  
The concept sounds delicious and it includes two of my favorite things: avocado and bacon. Alas, the warm avocado did not remain delicious, but instead reminded me of some sickening warm baby food. Hubs didn't hate it, but he definitely didn't love it. I couldn't eat more than one bite of the avocado and had to scoop the egg out and throw away the avocado because the smell was awful. I can safely say I will not be making this recipe again. Anyone else ever tried it? Or maybe there are other recipes I should avoid?


Alejandra said...

I pinned that avocado also! Hubs loves those and eggs. I thought it might be perfect for him. Sucks that they weren't all that great. It's disappointing when there's a pretty picture but the food sucks.

Megan said...

That's the thing about Pinterest, it really is all just hit and miss. I'm pretty sure this was what Martha Stewart was trying to say (although it came out poorly) when she claimed that bloggers were not experts. Not everything on Pinterest is really that tasty, not ever craft comes out looking spectacular. I've been able to find some tasty things off of interest, and then I'm made some just ok stuff. I think it's great that you are actually making the recipes!

Jillian said...

I'm going to have to try those cookies this xmas season! Practically every skinnytaste recipe I've pinned and tried has been great. I made her butternut squash lasagna rolls the other night and they were fabulous.

Jen said...

I love avocados but the thought of eating them warm is yucky. I saw a pin for chicken salad stuffed into one. I think that sounds good!

Julie said...

I tried a recipe on pinterest for a warm "southwestern avocado." A warm avocado tastes like a baked potato gone wrong. It just doesn't work!

Unknown said...

I also learned the hard way that I don't like warm avocado. YUCK. I tried this same one. Some one needs to pin it to a "made it and it's yucky" board!

erika said...

I want those cookies. Right. Now.

Fran said...

I LOVE avocados but warm avocados just sound so wrong lol

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