Thursday, October 10, 2013

Settling In

The past few weeks have been an absolutely whirlwind. Excitement. Nerves. Anxiety. And now things are sort of settling down.

Packers arrived. Hubs came home. Movers came. And just like that we bid our home adieu and moved out west.  We had a fairly uneventful trip across the country and we arrived safely {albeit tired!}It's familiar and yet it is so strange to be back where we lived before, but more than two years later.

We're living a Spartan life style in a small apartment while we hunt for a house. It's not fancy, but it beats hotel living with a 3 year old and a 80 lb dog {I would seriously need to be committed if we did that I think}

With a new {again} home, I felt it was high time that this old blog of mine got a makeover. Keep an eye out for a gorgeous new look courtesy of Poppiness Designs coming this way VERY soon!!!!!


I'll Love You Forever said...

Glad you arrived safely!
You are going to love working with Jane! Love her work! xo

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