Friday, November 1, 2013

Apartment Living, Oh Joy

When I was a child, I had this glamorous view of apartment living. I really have NO idea where it came from, because from the time I can remember, we lived in single family homes. Maybe it was a grass is greener moment? Funny thing is, until this month, I had never lived in an apartment.
HB had an apartment, but by the time we got really serious he was spending all his time chez moi.  When we PCSed up here, we decided that we would get an apartment with a short term lease while we hunted for a more permanent home. We didn’t want to rush into a bad decision. Do you know how difficult it can be to not only find a short term lease, but also one that allows large dogs? There wasn’t a whole lot of selection, but it’s only short term right?
Overall it’s not so bad, but I have noticed some quirks that long term would drive me to drink. {more? }  A recent element has been the case of the annoying car alarm. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably noticed my chagrin.  The other night it started going off at 3 am and didn’t stop until after 10 am. RIDICULOUS. Did I mention that we are the end unit and therefore closest to the parking space in which the offending vehicle was bezerking? 
Another complaint: the appliances. The stove/range is ancient {I’m pretty sure it’s older than me} and is not level. That means that nothing cooks evenly. Struggles. The dishwasher? If you turn that sucker on you need to put on protective ear-wear. Seriously. SO LOUD. And parking! We don’t have assigned spots and it seems that everyone has visitors on the weekends {HAY GIRL HAYYYY} so if you happen to leave your spot on a Friday evening, you will have to park in TIMBUKTU when you arrive. It really irritates me that guests get to make me park in the middle of nowhere.
Now this one is going to seem like a small complaint, but boy is it a pain in the buttox. The only way to pay rent is by money order. Say what? I have never purchased a money order in my life until this month. I didn't even know where to get one {thank you Google} 
However, with all my complaints {and I could keep going but really, who likes a whiner} I will say, it is lovely to be living under the same roof with my son, dog, AND husband once again, but boy am I excited for our new house.


Megan said...

You know, my father always said, that if you could rent somewhere for a few months before finding a more permanent residence, it would be the most ideal. It may seem like a hassle now, but I bet you will be really glad that you had the the ability to really think about where you want to live.

On a side note, we also moved into an apartment (condo? what's the difference anyways?). We are seriously loving it, but unlike your situation, we have a parking garage with an assigned space and a small storage unit. It is a bit of pain letting out the dogs all of the time, and I bet I'll be wishing that I had a yard come Decemeber! But other than that, we are really enjoying it. It is so easy to keep tidy!...and I'm not missing all of the junk that comes with larger spaces at all.

Jane said...

Ugh renting is a total hassle and renting an apartment is double that annoyance! It was so, so difficult for us to find a place that would let us rent with our two dogs. And we ended up having to get a place for way more than we were originally planning on because of it. Oh well. I am so excited for you guys to get into your new house! <3

Fran said...

Apartment living is so... fun? lol I actually lived in apartments for almost all of my time in MI and it wasn't too bad towards the end because we lived in a really awesome apartment complex. But the first year was awful. We lived under some college guys and to say they were rowdy is putting it mildly lol

I'll Love You Forever said...

oh my! ugh.. the joys of apartment living. you brought back some memories when I moved right after high school into a small apartment that was just oh so lovely! haha. Glad you, your son and your hubby are together! xo

Julie said...

We are currently living in apartment while we are at the CCC. I have lived in apartments, but my husband has not. Oh. This has been such a learning experience. I forgot how much I hated hearing the neighbor's yippy dog barking at all hours or how there is so much light from the street. The appliances are so incredibly loud, even though they are relatively new. I can't wait to be back in a house!

Unknown said...

Apartment living has some really great perks too! Though I admit that I had some difficulties the first time I moved into my current apartment. But I'm lucky enough to find a nice place with enough privacy from neighbors that they rarely affect my living conditions. Hang in there, and if nothing's still changed by now, I guess you can always find a new apartment!

Susan @

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