Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pacific Northwest Adventure List

I have a tendency to get into a rut. It is so easy to stick to the same habits, go to the same places, and never truly explore my surroundings, because that’s the easy way out, but I want to change that. There are so many gorgeous sites to see and things to do here in the Pacific Northwest and if I don’t start making a list I will just forget and stick to the same old same old {not to hate on a little routine, but adventure is grand!}

When I truly started thinking about a Pacific Northwest Adventure list {yes, basically a bucket list, but perhaps a little less morbid} the idea took hold of me in a way I would not have expected. I really hope to make the most of our time here and have many adventures. Some items on the list have been achieved prior to meeting HB and having Gbear and so I would like to revisit these things as a family {or at least as a couple}, but most have never been tried by us.  This adventure list is important to me because life is short and so I really want to make the most of it!

  1. Visit the Seattle Aquarium
  2. Stay in a Treehouse
  3. Go up in the Space Needle
  4. Walk the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge Boardwalk
  5. Go on a Whale Watching Tour
  6. Hike Mount Rainier
  7. Visit the Alderbrook Resort
  8. Go to Leavenworth {preferably around Christmas}
  9. Get Donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts
  10. Visit Powell’s Bookstore 
  11. Explore the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail
  12. Go on a Washington Winery Tour
  13. See Crater Lake National Park
  14. Ride the Rainier Scenic Railroad
  15. Eat Cheese at the Tillamook Factory
  16. Stand in awe at Multnomah Falls
  17. See The Wizard’s Hat
  18. Take a Brewery Tour at RedHook
  19. Walk through the Hoh Rainforest
  20. Attend the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
  21. Walk around the Olympic Sculpture Park  

That is my list so far. While I hope to cross many of these outings off my list, I am also open to adding to it. If you could visit the Pacific Northwest, what would be on your adventure list?


Megan said...

A couple years ago, my parents and I went to Seattle/British Columbia for vacation while a was deployed. It was so beautiful there! Plus, I fell in love with Vancouver Island. If you have time to take a family vacation up that way I highly reconmend it. We didn't do it at the time, but they actually do Grizzly Bear photography tours up there. If we ever are stationed there, that would be on my bucket list for sure!

JG said...

This is a great idea! We need to do this for here. Time is suddenly running short!

Kayla said...

This is a great list! Growing up in Seattle and then moving to Portland, I've actually done a lot of these! Somehow I still haven't visited Crater Lake after 13 years of living in Oregon so that's still on my bucket list. Something I would add is visiting lots of Oregon coast beaches - Seaside is such a cute beach tourist town with a great main street that has lots of fun shops, old style carnival games and special eateries. Also a bit south of that is Pacific City, another cute beach town with lots of small town activities and great beach access (go in July or August when it's bound to be sunny and hot!)

Also a note of caution, when my family and I visited the Hoh Rainforest, we stayed at a campground that was frequented by wild elk (which we thought was awesome!) and instead I had a bad run-in near the river where I came face to face with a spooked matriarch elk and was scared for my life during a 10 minute stand off!! Definitely a rare occurence, but just be careful if you go places where there are clearly wild animals roaming nearby! It was not a fun experience. Ha! But on a brigher note... I hope you enjoy the PNW! It really is beautiful once you get past the idea that rain = gloom. Rain = beautiful green summers! :)

a state of [stylish] grace

Jen said...

This is an awesome list! :)

Jen said...

Great list. I would love to live in Washington. I've only ever gone there for Army training. :/

erika said...

I'm going with you.

Also, my mom lives in Medford (Oregon) and this makes me miss her. :)

Jane said...

This is an AWESOME list!! <3

Fran said...

This is an awesome list! I wish I had made one for when we lived there aaah so many things I missed out on!

Also, tip, if you don't already know it - have lunch in the Space Needle restaurant. It will be more expensive than your average lunch but then you can go to the observatory for free and save you the $18 a pop that is to go up otherwise - and you get a meal!

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