Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Do You Say Whoops? in French

I don't often talk about religion on this here blog, but I have been raised Catholic. I am far from a good example of a practicing Catholic these days, but I have become quite a fan of our newest Pope, Pope Francis.  While the Catholic Church can't change over night {and some would dispute shouldn't change at all}, Pope Francis has done an amazing job showing people a far better side to Catholicism. He also gives us the occasional reminder that even as the Holy Father, he is still human! You may have seen many news articles about a recent language barrier he encountered, where he accidentally uttered a curse word in Italian while giving a speech. This probably makes me like him even more because he too can make mistakes, just like I have many times.

I have taken years and years of French and Spanish, I even majored in French Literature, but that hasn't stopped me from some pretty epic whoopsies in other languages. One of my favorite examples was my freshman year of college. I got super sick with mono, but was determined to keep going to classes {I had my GPA to protect!}. One such French class I was trying to describe why I couldn't speak above a whisper. I wanted to sound all fancy and use the word the doctor had to describe my tonsils, "engorged", except little did I know that that exact word in French "engorg├ęs" is only used in sexual cases. So, I had said that my throat was very engorged with sexual excitement. Talk about red face embarrassment!

Another funny oops that happened was when I tried to tell someone I was embarrassed in Middle School Spanish. I went with a word that sounded about right, embarazada. That's how I ended up telling my whole class that I was pregnant. Struggles.

Language snafus can happen to the best of us. I'm just lucky I didn't have a giant captive audience for mine!


Jen said...

I am loving the new Pope too!

Jen said...

I am really liking the new Pope too! He is proving that it is okay to be human and have flaws. :)

Karen said...

I really like the new Pope - he's definitely making changes and helping to change the way people view Catholics. Your language whoopsies make me giggle, I don't think I've made any big language mistakes, but hey, there's still time for that to happen lol.

Alejandra said...

Hahaha! I remember someone in middle school Spanish accidentally said that they were pregnant also. I'm also a fan of the Pope.

Rachel said...

I've heard the "embarazada" one happening before, thankfully very early on in my Spanish career so I never had the chance to make the mistake!! :)

Wife of a Sailor said...

I love the new Pope and I'm not even Catholic! I think he's good for Catholicism and Christianity everywhere.

Fran said...

I LOVE the new Pope too and not just because he's from Latin American and named Francisco ;)

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