Monday, March 17, 2014

What St. Patrick's Day Means To Me

St. Patrick’s Day is a big holiday in our family. My mom is straight from the ol’ sod and she has infused my life with all things Irish. One thing St Patrick’s Day really isn’t to me is a drinking day. Sure I have a pint or two and in my college days I’m sure I celebrated a wee more than I should, but ultimately, St. Patrick’s Day is about a whole lot more than Guinness.

To me St. Patrick’s Day is about culture, the amazingly rich culture that the Irish people have given us. That was the whole point of the celebration in America, for those displaced Irish people to have a way to recognize their culture of music, dance, and all kinds of good craic. {fun, entertainment} St. Patrick’s Day was curlers, which then became wigs, and Irish dance costumes. Performances galore and parades too. St. Patrick’s Day meant sharing my culture with the masses and having a blast with some of the best friends who have become family.

Yes, I spent many a St. Patrick’s Day in a pub dancing to whatever traditional group was playing that day, dodging the drunk people {who chose to celebrate in a different way} and while I don’t judge those who want to celebrate that way, I think it’s important that to many, St. Patrick’s Day means a whole lot more than drinking til you fall over.


JG said...

Love this post and seeing what St. Patrick's Day means to you :)

Jen said...

I love this! It is so important to see it as much more than a day of drinking!

Fran said...

Love this! I've never really understood St. Paddy's day past the beer so it's nice to read :)

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