Monday, May 12, 2014

Just Call Him Voldemort

Naming a child can be tricky. With some of the crazy concoctions that pass as names, perhaps some don't have quite as hard a time picking a name, but alas the husband and I are struggling.

Sure, we still have months to decide, but dear husband wants to find out if it's a boy or a girl {while I want to remain surprised} and unless I can convince him otherwise, we have to decide a name before the anatomy ultrasound or else he'll totally give it away. We've been joking about names for awhile {before this baby was even a possibility} Awesome names. Fabulous ones like:
Gandalf Oscarmeyerwiener
Ragnar Danger
The Doctor
{clearly we are huge nerds}

Gbear even got in on the action. He suggested: 
Dinosaur Icee
Train WooWoo

My one request when naming a baby is that I would like to use an Irish first name. We've got girl names down {since we didn't use them for Gbear} but finding another boy name has been impossible. I made a list of at least 15 names and HB didn't react to any of them. I later came to learn that he hated them all, but of course, when asked if he had any suggestions there was zip. So at this point, I'm thinking Voldemort is a good option. S/He who must not be named. Has a good ring to it right? Not too trendy?


Alejandra said...

LMAO! We're still struggling with a middle name. I'm kind of glad we aren't having a boy or else he would have ended up with some stupid ridiculous name from my husband..

Jen said...

Hahaha this is too funny!

Jen said...

All our kids will have Irish names and we're 1% Irish? It was unplanned though. Hubs wants to name the baby Galahad but I told him no way!

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