Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whoaaaaa, We're Halfway There

I've been a little terrible about keeping up with the whole bumpdate idea, so now you get the joy of three weeks of pictures in one! Forgive me, I don't have fruit/veggies for two of the weeks. GASP. You will just have to use your wonderful imagination.

How far along: 20 weeks today!

Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs {I'm only 3 lbs below the total weight gain with Gbear... it's taking some getting used to the idea that weight gain is ok!}

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants {so comfy!} but mostly normal shirts and dresses so far 

Best Moment this Week: We had the anatomy ultrasound on Monday. In true Army fashion, hubs texted me that morning saying he probably wasn't going to be able to come after all. Cue hormonal meltdown. I've been fine going to my appointments on my own {Centering is fun, but I really don't think it's hubs ball of fun} but THIS time I cared. He was deployed last time. I did NOT want him to miss this. Thankfully, his command was understanding and let him leave just long enough to come see the little Boobeary squirming away. {everything looked good!}
Gender: HB couldn't wait, sooooo he knows, but is under threat of castration if he tells me {or anyone for that matter}
Movement: Getting more and more frequent- I can even feel it with my hand sometimes :-)
Food Cravings: Green Veggies: green beans, squash , Butterfingers, caesar salad wraps
Food aversions: most of the same as before, but none of my aversions are as strong {although I still hate ramen, which was pretty much a daily meal pre pregnancy.... what can I say, my diet is still in college lol}
What I Miss: Margaritas, deli meat, sushi
Sleep: I've been waking up with serious anxiety at nights- so candy crush has re-entered my world to calm my nerves
What I am looking forward to: organizing the third bedroom and turning it into a nursery! I've started clearing stuff out and I can't wait until I can see progress

Belly Button: Out and proud haha

And now the pictures!


Jen said...

Look at your cute little belly!

Candace said...

So cute! You look great!

Jen said...

You look fantastic!! :)

Alejandra said...

I love your photos! I feel like since this is our last, pregnancy has been my excuse to eat everything under the sun. I'm pretty sure I've gained way more than I should have up to this point.

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