Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger

So, apparently I stink at blogging. I was too chicken to try it out for so long. I worried, will anyone like me? And then, I finally start a blog and disappear! What's up with that?!
Well, after a whirlwind adventure to both Michigan and Kansas, I can say I feel like I am finally settling into our new little life. I love having my hubby home, but don't get me wrong it's not always sunshine and sprinkles. However, since we've gotten through this deployment, I feel like every time I begin to get grumpus I pause and remind myself how lucky I am to have my family together.
For the most part we're adjusting well- he love love loves being a daddy and even willingly changes poopy diapers. The first week or so he was racing the baby to see who could fall asleep first ;)
I'm looking forward to really having everything in its place... it seems a lot of stuff took a back burner because we want to enjoy his block leave~ I figure I can tackle these things when he goes back to work.
Oh, and lil manbear turned 8 months!!! where did the time go?? for a lil 8 monthday present we got him a walker and he loves it.... rolling all around chasing the dog and enjoying some freedom. This is the one we got him

It's the same brand as his stroller So far it's a giant hit. He loves being able to move around quickly on his own (and not have to roll everywhere! hahaha)
Every day I love him more and more!


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