Friday, July 2, 2010

Random Welcome to Me

So, let me warn you, randomness to the extreme is about to occur.... but I thought I should share a bit about myself.
Where to begin.... I started exploring the possibility of bloggin while my HB (Hubby Bear... yes, I know sickening, please bear with me, promise not to always be so obnoxious!) deployed, I moved back home with my parents cause lo and behold I was having a baby. I think I'll share that story for another day, because I promise, it's quite a story.
Anyhoo, I had a little bit more free time than usual, and I discovered the blogging world. I was too afraid to join in for awhile~ what if I was terrible? what if no one cared? what if future employers, friends, etc judged me because I have a blog... do I really want to do this???
Obviously, since you're reading this now, I caved.
In the end I figured, what bad could come of this?? Let's give it a try,.... so that's what I'm doing. I swear it will get more interesting! BUT to get off on the right foot... where to begin, whaddya wanna know???
If now I'll just end up rambling.
Warning: Construction ahead, but I hope in the end I'll write something y'all enjoy ;)


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