Thursday, September 30, 2010

Car Salesmen, How I Loathe Thee

Car Salesmen.
All I can say is how much I hate them! Hub and I decided to just go *look* at cars, because lets face it, my car is on its last leg.  For those of you out there, don't get a PT Cruiser, they turn to pumpkins when you hit 80,000 miles and up.
Anyways, back to our adventure. We had a specific car in mind- Jeep Liberty. My family is a Jeep family, so I'm comfortable with them (and I know what is a good deal) So we get there, look at a few other jeeps just to get an idea of the newer models, and are approached by a leech (my apologies now if you are a car salesman, i know youre just trying to make a living, but the majority are a pain)
He started talking to us about how he values only showing you vehicles you want.... and then proceeded to show us a Manual liberty (we specified ONLY automatic) and then a whole different vehicle. (Dodge Journey, for those of you that have bothered to read this far) Bigger than we need. We told him again and again, bigger than we need.
We give in and test drive it. All the while trying to learn how much this car is. Favorite phrase, "I couldn't give you exact numbers, but its right around your price range"
We go inside so he can crunch the numbers. We wait. And Wait. Lil man's getting grumpus and still, we wait. He comes back and assures us only a few more minutes. Then a new guy comes and sits. The car is 5,000 over what we told him we wanted to spend! We say no thanks, we didnt want to buy today anyways.
They see it as a challenge, a bargainer if you will.
He keeps offering us deals... we can give you this much more for a trade, we can extend the payments so you pay til youre 60.... and so on (ok so maybe a little exaggeration but not much)
All the while, I tell him, its not the car we wanted, and we didnt want to buy today.
He takes us outside and tells us hes got another liberty to show us. HE PULLS UP THE SAME ONE!
We finally escaped and made our way back to the car, and he starts talking shit about us!!! Right in front of us!!!! AND THEN HE HAS THE BALLS TO CALL THE HUBS THE NEXT DAY!
Moral of this story: dont go to a car dealer unless you want to buy. and car dealers, when we say we're not buying a car today, we're not playing hard to get, we're just being smart about our money and not getting swindled into a car we don't want!

Oh and may I note, the Liberty was stained and gross... no thanks!


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