Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Irish Muscly Men

The Irish-ness continues. This isn't as exciting as B*Witched, but who doesn't love a bunch of big strong rugby players? {Ruggers are dear to my heart because I met HB when he was out on the town with some of his rugby team}Here is a video I found of the Irish Rugby Team singing the Irish National Anthem, followed by Ireland's Call, the Irish rugby anthem. I included the lyrics to the National anthem, because I don't think many people understand Irish {I only know a few phrases lol}

Soldiers are we,
whose lives are pledged to Ireland,
Some have come
from a land beyond the wave,
Sworn to be free,
no more our ancient sireland,
Shall shelter the despot or the slave.
Tonight we man the "bearna baoil",
In Erin’s cause, come woe or weal,
’Mid cannon’s roar and rifles’ peal,
We’ll chant a soldier's song


KD Photography said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite movies...The Boondock Saints (not so much the rugby-ness...but just cause they're irish) ;)

Mrs. F said...

Love Rugby! Became an All Blacks fan when I lived in New Zealand (it was a visa requirement :-). Have you even seen any of the Alternative Rugby Commentary bits on YouYube? They are HILARIOUS!

Unknown said...

When they do the Haka it gives me chills! I haven't seen those, but I will be checking them out for sure!!

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