Monday, January 21, 2013

Wouldn't it be Loverly

"All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair, oh wouldn't it be loverly"

Ok, so I can't really compare myself to Eliza Dolittle {My Fair Lady} but, I feel her sentiment. She longs for a place she can call her own. When the hubs decided to leave the army, we discussed living with his parents for awhile, to get on our feet and find a place of our own. Then he decided to go back to school, so we decided to wait it out some more. It's been great. Hubs has been able to focus 110% on school and not worry about $. I even managed to find some great job opportunities to make a little extra money, but somehow a short term situation turned into a year and a half. Don't get me wrong, his parents are great. I think I lucked out in the in-law department. It really works better than we deserve, however, more and more, now that I see the end of our time here approaching, I realize how much I miss having a place of my own.

I like being able to leave the dishes next to the sink to get to in the morning if I'm feeling tired. I like being able to eat dinner when I feel like eating dinner {and without feeling rude}. I like having my comfy couch. Oh, how I miss that couch. It's little things that you really take for granted.

Lest I sound too ungrateful, it's been amazing having an extra set of hands to help with Gbear. It really has enabled me to work outside the home without causing any upheaval to our little man, but oh, how I'm dreaming of organizing hall closets and hanging gallery walls. {Pinterest, you little tease}

Remind me of this in a year when I'm begging for someone to just please come over and cook dinner, ok? ;-)

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Unknown said...

So, we should buy a house together, or land.. and build houses next door and have a kitchen to link us together? JOKING! But I agree, I look forward to a place of our own -read buying a house- and of those big comfy chairs with a nook for my books and a room for my desk and another room for my studio -with beautiful hardwood floors! I hope you guys find a great place and are able to score somewhere you really want to be .. preferably you wait till orders come out so we can plot a move together :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you, oh do I hear you. Only my song is a Cinderella song (the one version with actors) that says, "In my own little corner in my own little room." I am currently living in my Grandmothers house, which is connected to my Mothers house (while he is deployed) and my house is rented. When I lived with family and a newborn in the past the day I moved to my house with my own plates was amazing. Just your own thing, your own way, in your own time is a gift.

Jane said...

I so agree with you. Not worrying about money while he's in school is amazing. We were just talking about Daniel wanting to get out and go back to school and it's stressful because moving in with either of our parents isn't likely and that is a huge burden to worry about while in school. BUT, when time comes you can get your own place again it's so nice having your own space and just being able to do you.

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