Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rewind 365

I didn't have much motivation to blog today because I think I'm catching the plague everyone and their mothers seem to have, but then I stumbled upon this link up and thought it was such a fun idea.  Cammo Style Love is co- Hosting a link up with Mommy Only Has Two Hands called Rewind 365- pretty self explanatory. You take a peek at what you were doing a year ago.

This time last year, we were enjoying the snow. Yet again we have snow this year, but the temperatures are SO cold that we can't really take Lil Gbear out in the snow without risking frost bite! Let's face it, the effort it takes to bundle up a kid to go out in the snow is SOOOO not worth it if you can only play outside for about 15-20 minutes.

Last year my father in law rigged up a special seat for Gbear on a sled {since he didn't have the core strength to sit up in one on his own} and we had fun making snow angels and enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland. What's a post about fun with Gbear without some pictures?

Join in and Rewind 365!


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe love the recap! :)

Heather Jones said...

Ah!! What sweet photos. I'm with ya, its just too cold to go out and play in the snow, we did a little before Christmas, but it just hasn't warmed up enough for outside play like that yet. I do want to get my son a sled though, he'd have so much fun!

Thanks for linking up with us! :)

Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

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