Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Nap or Not to Nap?

We have a problem in this house and it's name is BEDTIME.

I used to have the perfect child when it came to bedtime. Our routine consisted of PJs, kisses, bed, sleep. Then we added storytime in the mix. Again. Perfect. Somewhere along the line, aliens came and stole my perfect amenable child. Gone are the days of placing him in his bed and him lulling himself to sleep. Now he requires mama cuddles FOR-EV-ER. Don't get me wrong. I super pink puffy heart cuddles, but when the bedtime routine extends to close to two hours after being up since 6:30 am {or earlier} I just want my child to go the f*ck to sleep {anyone ever read that book.. it's hilarious}

So here's where I come for advice. To any of you mamas out there. When did you cut out the daytime nap routine. Most days Gbear is a hot MESS around dinner time if he doesn't get a nap, but should I just ride out the no nap train or keep up the mid day nap?? Opinions?


Missus Elle said...

I'd say it seems like he still need a nap. But maybe he needs a later bedtime. It could be that he just wants his mama.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my personal opinion here and experience. My baby girl fought naps and then wouldn't sleep at night when she got one. So I quit fighting nap time with her and then put her to bed at 5pm and she slept till 5am.
The second child needed naps but she had to take one by 11 am or I wouldn't let her have one as it would end up her sitting next to me in my bed, me sound asleep, her talking till midnight or later to her self.

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