Monday, April 8, 2013

Easy Peasy

I don't tend to talk a lot about military life. I envision us more as a family without adding the label of military.  However, as we are getting closer and closer to resuming the life of a family of an active duty soldier, I find myself reminiscing about some funny, inconveniences of the life of a soldier in the army reserve and I also discover myself contemplating the fact that the military will be playing a big role in our futures.

Something I took for granted when we lived near a large military post was the vast quantity of military surplus stores. If they didn't have what you needed on post, you were sure to find it at the many stores nearby. When we first arrived in the Midwest, HB realized that he was missing a PT belt {which he would need for drill} Of course, this didn't occur to him until the day before drill {typical} And so I spent that day running around town in search of those bright belts. Should have been easy, right?! Ha!

Also, when we needed to get new id cards, we had to make a lovely jaunt over an hour away. And we could only go in a very narrow window of time. We made the best of it and had a family adventure to the great zoo that was only about 20 minutes away, but talk about a pain in the bum!

Of course, there have been huge advantages. I've had my husband home a whole lot more and he had fairly regular hours most of the year. We've had the wonderful opportunity to live near family AND I've been able to work outside the home because of the stability we've had.  Either way, life is certainly an adventure when you are married to a man in the military.


Steph said...

Only an hour to get your ID? Geez, you have it made. :) LOL!

JG said...

I love reflective belt humor :)

erika said...

Just nodding my head to all of this, lol.

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