Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Neighborly

I think I’m in a time warp.(And no, I’m not referring to Rocky Horror Picture Show, although I did heartily enjoy the Glee version last night… and the original movie classic is on netflix instant, JOY) I must be back in college living on greek row again. Because the volume at which our neighbors are playing their most wonderful music rivals that of Sigma Chi during freshman orientation. A time when the fraternities played the music loudly, beckoning to young freshmen girls, come this way, we have boys and booze. The girls would flock like moths to a flame to these cultural pinnacles. I won’t pretend to have always been immune to their charms. But on a quaint neighborhood street? No freshmen here I tell ya! No universities for miles.

Not only does the volume make me question the classiness of my neighbors, but also their music choice. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed a hearty booty shake to the Ice Cube classic You Can Do It (Put your back into it), but didn’t that song go out of style years ago? I mean, most people these days know Ice Cube from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, more than his illustrious musical career.

I guess my neighbors just feel the need to share. What kind neighbors I have ;)


Lou said...

I just popped into your blog randomly...this is hilarious...maybe they dig the oldies?

Unknown said...

Thanks for popping in! It's true, maybe I should just embrace the Classics haha.

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