Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Recap a Little Late

I'm a little behind. It feels like Monday to me, but alas, it is Tuesday. I'm not all that disappointed because that's one day closer to the weekend and quality time with HB. It's funny, after he got home from deployment, I thought the waiting for things to happen would end, but I find myself now waiting for him to get home from work, or waiting for Friday so he has the weekend off. It's the same with lil GBear. I wait for him to need a diaper change, wait for the next meal, wait for him to hit his developmental milestones. I need to work on being more in the moment and enjoying the present. But I digress.
This weekend I had been looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch, but watching the weather reports it seemed like our plans were going to be spoiled. I decided to remain hopeful and Saturday rolled around and it wasn't half bad. The sun even peeked out of the clouds now and again. So we went and picked out pumpkins for our little family. And the rain waited to start until we had gotten in the car to go home. Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Did a little cleaning round the house, rearranged some furniture (I'm never satisfied haha) but mostly just spent time with lil GBear and HB. I know HB enjoys a day to just unwind before going back to work on Mondays.
So, overall, a nice relaxing weekend. And it's officially, fall weather is finally here. HB made fun of me for already having out my down vest, but not all of us can wear shorts in the winter and still be warm! 
Lil GBear Picking Pumpkins


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