Thursday, October 14, 2010

My favorite tv show

I watch far too much t.v. It makes it next to impossible to pick just one. And I'm ashamed to admit most of the ones I love.
So, I'll list a few...

Teen Mom... Ok, This show is so horrible and yet I love to watch it. Anyone else out there that watches it, doesn't Amber's new boyfriend just make you want to go to People of walmart and laugh at the trashiness? Or how about her sticking Leah in her crib just because she won't quit crying while she's on the phone talking about boys? But don't get me wrong... I'm not a perfect parent. But this just reminds me of how I'm never that bad.

Real Housewives (of any variety) My favorite has always been orange county... im looking forward to Beverley Hills!

Say Yes to the Dress: Hubby's worried that lil man will know too much about wedding dresses if we're not careful haha

There are so many more.... I love the NCIS shows, Sister Wives, Chase..... I really need a life haha. But hubby and I enjoy just unwinding in front of the tv after lil man goes to sleep. Nice brain drain time.


Sunny said...

except for NCIS i watch all of those. I have promised to only watch teen mom and 16 & pregnant when hubs is not home. Now if I could only get a deal like that for Call of Duty. HOwever I am always home!!!

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