Sunday, October 10, 2010

Once a logger....

Always a logger!
Homecoming weekend has come and gone. It was so wonderful to see some of the lovely ladies from my alma mater and introduce them to G man. He's one of the first babies out of any of my sorority sisters and most of them are at very different places in their lives.... not quite ready to let the college life go.
Which, no judgment, that is totally normal. But it worried me a little about how they would actually act around me now that I have a family. I know, it sounds so strange, but I had some rough times with a few "close friends" before G man was born, so my faith in friendships had been a little shaken.
My fears were unfounded though. I had such a great time and all of the girls were in love with lil man. I think I had at least 25 offers for babysitters. And I got to meet some of the new girls in the house. It was so great to be somewhere where I had so many great memories and see these awesome new girls bubbling over with enthusiasm.
Lil g man went to his first football game too :) For the most part, he loved it. Some of the cheering got to him, but I acted as earmuffs for him and it was all good.
I had been in a little bit of a rut these days, with the hubs back at work and fall weather setting in. It's easy to start to feel isolated, but this weekend reminded me I've got some great connections and I just have to pull myself out of the rut! Not to mention it was wonderful to have some grown up time. The hubby gladly stayed home with little man so I could go out with the girls Friday night.
I've probably rambled too much, but on one last note. It's funny, now whenever I see the word Homecoming, the first thought that pops in my mind are soldiers returning to their families. Funny how so much can change in a year.
On a final note.... the Lumberjack song!!


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