Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ninja Baby

So lil GBear just turned ten months this week and so in celebration I thought I'd write a little recap of his birth, since he was nearly born on an AIRPLANE.

How you ask could that happen, since there is a cutoff for when pregnant women can fly. Well, that's a whole other story, but for now, long story short, I had been told I wasn't due for at least another 5 weeks. So I was okayed by my doctors to fly.

The night before I left I stayed up most the night packing- always the procrastinator! So, when I got on the flight I was EXHAUSTED. Four hours of sleep, yes please. Only about 3.5 hours into the flight I started to feel weird. Uncomfortable. Antsy. and totally FREAKED OUT. I was traveling alone and after hearing all these stories about false alarms, I figured it was my brain playing tricks on me. So the flight lands and I start to head to my connecting flight (1.5 hours and I'd be home) But I realized at this point the pain was getting a little more than uncomfortable. What to do? I call my mom, crying, freaked out. THIS ISN'T HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! She's convinced that it's a false alarm and hey, even if it isn't first time labor can take hours. Get on the flight she says. But finally my gut kicked in and told me don't do it. 

So I marched up to the ticket counter, explained that I had just gotten off the flight, and I thought I was in labor. The lady looked at me like I was crazy, but called for assistance and asked me to sit down. A few minutes pass and a policeman rides up on a bike. He starts taking my info and decides I legitimately need help (I wish I knew his name because he did wonders to calm me down) Then a handful of firemen. Normally I would be laughing at the prospect of being surrounded by men, but none of them were HB and I was in the middle of the airport. NOT IDEAL. Finally the EMTs arrive with a wheelchair, they load me onto that to take me to a stretcher, and then on the stretcher I get to ride the special elevator to the TARMAC. (We were in Minnesota in winter, freezing! they piled blankets on me like crazy) They loaded me in the ambulance and headed to the hospital... I even got sirens!!! It was a 10 minute ride and the EMT seemed relaxed, telling me I'd make it with plenty of time for an epidural.  Halfway there, he tells me to let him know if I feel different.... and to try not to push if I feel the urge. 

Finally we arrive! As the driver hops out to open the doors, I got that overwhelming feeling. I tried so hard not to, but I had to push. I couldn't stop it from happening! Through gritted teeth I mumble, I feel different, I'm sorry I can't help it. And lil GBear was born, right as the doors swung open and about 15 people crowded around to see if they could help (apparently another crew had just dropped of a patient, and the drs and nurses that came to greet me.) Quite the crowd, and I hadn't even vajazzled!!! hahahaha.

GBear was born less than an hour and a half after I realized I might be in labor! He was perfectly healthy and the doctors determined full term. Apparently my doctors had been horribly wrong! Luckily it all worked out... and now it's just one heck of a story! Glad he wasn't born on a plane, although maybe he would have gotten free flights for life hahaha ;)
GBear the day he was born
GBear with a new toy~ although I think he liked the box better!


Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

LOL vajazzled! I was born early too- my mom had to take a cab to the hospital and my dad was on a hunting trip!

Sunny said...

OMG what a story! Btw I was born in Minnesota too! I would like to talk about due dates, I am convinced my docs have it wrong as well.

Unknown said...

Well, this definitely taught me to speak up and question the doctors, sometimes they're wrong too.

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