Monday, November 8, 2010

Is it Monday Again?

Well, the weekend is over. I have to say, I really enjoyed that extra hour yesterday, but it made Monday seem even more woebegone. However, the sun is shining and we have a long weekend coming up, so Hello Bright Side!  

This weekend wasn't too exciting; we're becoming a low key family. Friday night we stayed in and watched Public Enemies. I will admit, I don’t often watch movies that aren’t romantic comedies (I used to, but now I’m mentally lazy) but I highly enjoyed this movie. And it was a definite plus that HB enjoyed it too. I loved the costumes-the thirties have a certain innate romanticism and Johnny Depp is an amazing actor.  The movie is chock full of other amazing talents, Marion Cottillard, Giovanni Ribsi, Billy Crudup, Christian Bale, and even a little Channing Tatum action. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see it and you enjoy a little action, a little mental prowess, and a look back at the 1930’s, I recommend checking it out.
Saturday we made a trip to Costco. I usually avoid Costco on the weekends, but this was just a quick trip. Doom had befallen our XBOX, but we had only gotten it this summer. Therefore, it was still under manufacturer’s warranty. And, my mum had told me that they have an awesome return policy. We decided to see if that was the case. SUCCESS. I now officially love Costco, with a fiery passion. Before, I had more of an admiration (who doesn’t love snacking while shopping), but now, in the words of PeeWee, I like Costco enough I’d marry it ;)
We also made a trip to the mall, because I HAD to get little man his Christmas sweater.  Why the urgency? I could not risk missing out on getting him this
 That’s right. I finally found panda clothes for little boys! I was always so disappointed, because pandas seemed to have been declared, Girl. Thank you Gymboree for bringing me Christmas a little early! (In case it wasn't clear, I have a slight *obsession* with pandas)

Our weekend ended with more relaxing at home and a fun trip to the puppy park. Bear Cub romped and tired himself out (I’m pretty sure he’s still recovering). Oh and I tried a new recipe, Ziti Bake. It was pretty tasty. I would tweak the recipe a bit if I make it again. Perhaps I’ll post the recipe later (I’ll try some of the leftovers first and see how it measures up)


Young and Fabulous said...

what an adorable sweater!! he'll look so cute!

I absolutely LOVE Costco..but mainly for all the yummy food samples lol!!


Steph said...

That sweater is amazingly cute! I loved the extra hour this weekend too but it had me confused all day yesterday.

Nicole said...

I love the little panda sweater! I may have to get one for my little man!

Jennifer said...

That panda sweater is adorable!

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