Monday, November 22, 2010

Let It Snow & Weekend Recap

Right now lil GBear is napping and I'm sitting curled up watching the snow fall. I have a long list of things to do around the house before J gets here this evening *squeal* but the snow is so pretty, I'm just going to enjoy it a bit longer. Bear Cub is romping like a total goof which is always amusing, he tries to eat the falling snowflakes and runs around in big circles in the yard. I love snow, but I admit if it sticks around I'll be sick of it in a day or two, but for now its kind of magical. If only HB didn't have to work today!

We had a great weekend- we didn't really do anything all that exciting, but mostly just enjoyed each others company. We went to the mall for a new roaster oven for the turkey for Thanksgiving- it's red and matches our pots and pans. We got lil GBear an umbrella stroller, which he and daddy play around the house with and Bear chases them. I thought it would be way more convenient for holiday travels.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend too :) I finished the letter scrapbook and HB loved it. It's sitting on his bedside table and he looks at it before bed. I admit, I got a little sentimental reading through some of the letters and it was so amazing to see how we progressed over the year he was away.
And HB got me a gift that is so me. He gets big husband points for this one.
This is it, but with our names ;) We are not the Folph Family haha.

 He got it from Lilly Ellen Designs on Etsy. She has some super cute jewelry, you should check it out!

We visited some of our old haunts throughout the day and got some delicious food from one of our favorite little spots. Like I said, nothing too exciting, but that's ok with me. We cuddled and watched some tv that we had missed from earlier in the week.

Tonight J gets here and we're planning on going to the city to do some "touristy" things, since we really haven't done that together since freshman year of college. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures of our adventures. And I'm starting my Thanksgiving preparations too. Should be a busy but fun week. I'll try to keep up with y'all and pop in from time to time, but blogging maybe sparse once J gets here.


Unknown said...

awesome! Love the present. :)

Steph said...

That necklace is cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

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