Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Card Disappointment

Ok. I may not have mentioned this before, but I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Projects take me far longer than they should, because once I start something, I  need  it to be perfect. (this can sometimes lead to epic procrastination beginning something, but we'll save that for another day)

So, when it came time to design Christmas cards, I wanted them to be just perfect. I won't say how long I spent rearranging pictures and choosing fonts, but it was an extensive process. I was super excited when I received the email saying my gems had shipped. I could already imagine people's faces as they received the perfect  Christmas card from yours truly. I tracked the package through it's journey; my excitement mounting as the day finally arrived when the UPS tracker told me they were out for delivery. I happened to see the UPS man as he approached and met him at the door. As soon as I was inside, I carefully opened the package to see my beauties.

I expected to see my version of this lovely:

With one exception. Many of you may think this attention to detail silly, but bear with me. I had altered the font on the monogram to correspond with the writing of the Merry Christmas on the front. Quite frankly, our initial looked out of place in the first font, but it gave the option to alter, and alter I did. I tried at least 10 fonts to find the perfect one.

Of course you can see where this is leading. When I opened my cards, the initial was WRONG. It's not even the font that is shown in this example, it would be what I would describe as Arial (my computer geek comes out, the font in the example has serifs, arial does not, serifs make things look pretty!)

Otherwise I will admit, the cards are lovely. But they're not perfect. And Shutterfly has a satisfaction guarantee. So I'm debating asking them to reprint, but unfortunately that means most of my overseas family won't receive the cards in time. Maybe I'll just suck it up. No one but me will know the difference. Just another life lesson~ things can't always be perfect.

**Update: So Shutterfly reviewed my order and couldn't see the difference, but since I wasn't completely satisfied, they credited me for 50 more cards. Good to know they stand by their satisfaction guarantee. Had they not, I think I would have passed on using them again, but now, I am a happy customer :)


Melissa said...

I'm sure they wont't notice, but you sound like me, I have crazy OCD when it comes to certain things being perfect...I would say just send them though, I doubt they would be able to reprint them and send them back to you in time :( im sure they look good though.

Amber said...

I am sure they are lovely but if they aren't what you ordered let Shutterfly know. They might be able to expedite some to you or offer you a coupon code for future orders. It seems they are in the midst of a large social networking campaign so I am sure they would do whatever it takes to make their customers happy.

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