Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, Facebook!

 Another week of Facebook Funnies thanks to Steph @ Watching Airplanes

That was a ball burner
    Lovely, just lovely. I’m only a little curious what this refers to


Mental studies show one out of 4 people are mentally unbalanced now look at your 3 best friends if they all seem fine then it's you.
    Uh oh.  I might be in trouble haha.

 I'm totally buying some Tom Brady Ugg boots...
    What? I think I missed something, but Tom Brady needs to cut his hair!

Less than a week until the Cataclysm expansion..... Can't wait!
    WoW. I have dorky friends haha. (but HB is excited too ;)

remember that one time sarah palin beat a halibut to death with a club on her reality tv show
    Haha. To be fair, she just stunned it. And you have to do that with big fish or they can hurt     you (or so HB informed me) but still a hilarious reference.

there's a gnome in my room?
    HAHA we used to do that to people in college. Scared the crap out of J one time!

Happy second night of Hanukkah my little Jewbugs!
    Happy indeed!

I don't mean to sound alcoholic, but I found a coupon for alcohol! Alcohol is never on sale!!...It was a christmas special & said "'tis the season to MIX& SHARE" and it indeed got me in the Christmas spirit.
     I think that would get me in the spirit too ;)

Pagans killed the dinosaurs!
   Is that what happened? glad I'm finally enlightened.
* I'll try and blog something more substantial soon, but I have visitors from out of town (again haha) Makes me feel so loved and I want to spend lots of time with them and not the computer.


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Haha... those are all good ones.

Thanks for linking up!

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